Birthdays, Holidays and Miracles  

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12/4/2005 10:39 pm

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Birthdays, Holidays and Miracles

With everything that has been going on, the last thing I need is more to deal with. But, this is life and life doesn't wait for you to catch up.

Yesterday was my wife's birthday, and originally I had been uninvited from the party. The UNinvitation was during an argument so I didn't really take it that seriously anyway. However, over the Thanksgiving weekend my wife called me crying while I was at my sister's place asking me to please show up at her party. I agreed to show up.

I'm actually glad I did, the party was a huge hit, and I got to talk to MANY of her/our friends that I hadn't talked to at all since this whole thing began. I'm also feeling very guilty because I was sure these people had written me off, or had never really liked me - they were all anxious to talk to me, and call me another time or meet for lunch or something. It was especially nice talking to my wife's two best friends, they were very cool and more supportive than I could even imagine them being.

The only downside was I learned that my wife's Mother is still holding onto hope that things will reconcile. She pulled me aside into a room and talked to me for about 30 mins in secret, and said things I really thought she was past. She is a really wonderful person, and I love her a lot, but I just don't think things can be fixed at this point, it would really take a miracle.

The Thanksgiving holiday was great - I got a LOT of good sleep. I still have a bit of insomnia now and then, but I think I can still beat it without drugs.

Things continue to progress well with the legal stuff. My wife and I get along so well our own lawyers, the judge/ref, and counselors are all questioning why we are getting a divorce. Very strange; good and yet sad at the same time.


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