hubby is working lol  

noellepoo 34F
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5/17/2006 9:13 pm

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8/23/2008 10:36 pm

hubby is working lol

Well I have been kinda down and out lately. My job sucks, most of the people I work with are retarded, or just trying to piss me off. Not sure who is what but they are pissing me off. The only guy we had working there got fired because he was a "no call no show" but that whole situation was fucked up, because they were just sitting around waiting for him to not come in, and they wouldn't tell me what was going on because they knew I would call and take care of him. Anyway, I have been helping him and his girlfriend out, even going as far as to talk her into having a 3some. We will see though, I am pessimistic I guess. If anyone knows where I can get a job though, I am really looking to get out of the shit hole I am in now. It is too depressing.

rm_eastguy2000 61M
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5/22/2006 11:56 am

sounds like you need a bit of "offsite" excitement

maybe not from me (but maybe YES)..

just a fling to clear the senses

noellepoo 34F
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8/23/2008 10:36 pm

no it did not, because they were a bit out there....

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