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6/16/2005 11:24 am

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To: G

A smile.
Kisses on your forehead.
Kisses on your cheek.
Inhaling the scent of you, nuzzling your ear.
You giggle into my long curly hair
as it falls across your face.
Arms entangled, hands exploring...

A sigh.
Kisses on your neck.
Kisses on your chest.
Fingers tracing lines and curves and seams.
I slide my hands down your waist
and pull your hips to mine.
A current passes between us, your body tenses...

A heartbeat.
A single embrace.
Two bodies locked.
Looking in your eyes I press my lips to yours.
You melt into my arms
and we melt into a kiss
that steals the very breath right from our lungs...


I should have pulled you into the shadows in that garden when I had the chance.
Now you know my intentions.
And you know next time, I will not be shy about what I want.

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