Sizzling Summer of 2005  

no_strings_grrl 44F
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6/13/2005 11:15 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sizzling Summer of 2005

I intend to make some great memories this summer. I am bound and determined to emerge from this gloom and launch myself headfirst into some summer fun. I am going to be a very, very bad girl indeed - HAHAHAHAHHAH! (cue the evil villain laughter...) Or a very, very GOOD girl to the right woman.

I am also going to be focusing on my writing, and nothing inspires words from the heart like the company of an interesting, sexy girl. I am 'dating' for the first time in years, and all I want to do is meet new people and make new friends, but most of all HAVE FUN. If friendship leads to sex, great! If not, one can never have too many friends. But I'm warning you now, I'm a horny bitch so don't be surprized if you get groped.

Damn I love chocolate chip cookie dough.

Philosophy_N_Sex 49M/47F

6/13/2005 12:44 pm

Agreed the company of a sexy woman makes life better, no matter what.

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6/13/2005 4:48 pm

Glad to see you in good spirits now. I love being groped! But somehow I don't think that was directed at me. Oh well, straight men's loss is gay women's gain.

HughJarse2000 47M

6/14/2005 3:01 am

You go girl ! And don't worry we know that you secretly hope that it all ends in sex !!! I know I do x

Really hope she's out there. And how much more precious will she be to you this time , with you fresh from all the lessons you have just learned?

Bon Voyage you horny tart !!

(Juan S)
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6/29/2005 10:13 am

...Geez, Look at that body. There has got to be an angle.
< what every straight man thinks, when he finds out you're not into them. >
LOL. have a great day. Keep blogging!!!

(Juan S)
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6/29/2005 10:14 am

Couldn't resist a visit. It said "Sizzling Summer" LOL

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