I see you shiver with antici-  

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5/28/2005 8:26 pm

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I see you shiver with antici-


You're eyes are locked on me. You avert them as I turn to meet your gaze, your long auburn curls sheilding your cheeks. You blush as you pretend to have been staring out the window. I smile to myself and look back at the road. The conversation over dinner had been warm and unusually comfortable for a first date, and this new silence is both awkward and exciting. I can't help but wonder how you will smell when I hug you goodbye at your door...or if the evening will end there. The delicious tension in the air pricks the hairs on my neck as I drive through the night toward your apartment.

You are nervous...not sure what to expect...not sure what I expect. Ahh, I do enjoy this game. You've never been the aggressor, only found yourself in situations with other women when you were younger and experimental. But tonight you find yourself undeniably attracted to me, and not sure what to do next. That's OK. I do. I reach over and put my hand on your left knee, squeezing gently to reassure you.

Moments later, we find ourselves talking and laughing nervously as walk together up the sidewalk. We giggle and begin to whisper as we pass by the windows of the neighbors sleeping soundly. Good girls are NEVER up roaming the streets at this hour of the night! We turn the corner and find ourselves at your door. The giggles fade and a bashful smile spreads over your face...the liquid silence once again filling the air around us.

As your eyes find your feet, like I knew they would, I take a step closer to take in the soft, sweet smell of you. My face is inches from your own and I feel you holding your breath. The space between us disappears as I move close enough to kiss your wanting lips, but kiss instead your cheek. Your body shudders as your breath slowly escapes...and now I kiss the corner of your mouth. Your lips part ever so slightly and you take another deep breath. You lift and turn your face, leaning in to me...and I graze your lips with mine.

I feel the energy surging through our bodies...I cup your face in my hands. You open your eyes as if to beg me and I obey. I kiss you fully and completely, sliding my fingertips down your face and chin, over your throat and collar bone...eager tongues searching and tasting. My hands fit perfectly around your shapely waist and you are surprized to find yourself grinding against me. We are lost in this kiss and fall against your door. We are suddenly aware that we are moaning loudly and groping about in the yellow beams of your porch light.

We smile and pull away from one another. "I would really like for you to come inside" you say.

"I'd love to."

The key is turned.

Another door is opened.

To be continued...

(2nd Try Posting This...Sorry if its a repeat)

Keriso 35M
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5/29/2005 2:01 am

it might be a repeat but its a good story kinda sounds like me sometimes.....

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