Award Winning Brownies  

nlwreeds 57F
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9/26/2005 8:17 am

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Award Winning Brownies

Saturday afternoon, my husband comes home from work and informs me that the company party he didn't want to go to has become a "must attend".

Added to this is a request that I participate in the dessert challenge. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd placed desserts, preferably homemade, as judged by 3 of his coworkers.

We make a made dash to the store to purchase the items needed to make a batch of brownies. Early Sunday morning, I get up and stir together the brownie batter. Pop it in the oven, and read the Sunday paper.

When the brownies are done, I set them on the cooling rack to wait until they are cool enough to frost. I head back upstairs. To crawl back into bed with my still sleeping hubby.

I snuggle up next to him and he greets me with a stiff surprise. One thing leads to another and a very pleasant Sunday morning gets even more pleasant. We both fall back into bed, ready for a little more sleep after a sweet Sunday morning love making session.

Later in the day, I get back into the kitchen and make the frosting (yes, homemade frosting) for the brownies. Frost the brownies and then head off to the party, fashionably late.

Finally, we got to the dessert judging. And what a surprise, my brownie pan was in the top three. The third prize went to a flan, second prize was for a peanut butter dessert and I took first place with my brownies.

What a great day!!!

redmustang91 57M  
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9/26/2005 8:36 am

Were the frosted brownies tasty? Never had frosted brownies. Tell me more about the frosting!

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