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9/20/2005 7:12 pm

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another story

He showed up and I offered him a drink after a greeting hug. We were both so nervous we were shaking. We sat for a few and chatted and then moved into the bedroom. We stood just inside the door way kissing. He’s a really good kisser. Then he took his shoes off and we sat on the bed.
We began kissing some more and did that for quite a while. Slowly his hands started moving over my body. He was so warm. He pulled off his shirt and I ran my hands all over him. His skin was hot and smooth. I took off my shirt and he ran his hands over my breast as we continued to kiss. He took off my bra and softly sucked my nipples kissing me in-between.
He kissed down my stomach and pulled off my shorts. Then stood and removed his jeans. Then he moved over me rubbing his naked body over mine. His body burned over my cold skin. As he ran his hands over my naked skin he continued to cover me in kisses.
I ran my hands over his slick hot skin. He began to slowly and softly massage my clit. I moaned at his touch. Slowly he slid a finger inside and I arched to greet it. Still kissing the whole time. I took his cock in my hand and gently rubbed it as he rubbed and fingered my pussy.
He slid down and covered my pussy in kisses and started to suck my clit as he continued to finger me. Then with his fingers still in me he kissed his way back to my lips. I laid him down and kissed down his body and began to suck his cock. He moaned and arched into my mouth. His hands ran over my back as I suck and licked his cock. Then I kissed my way back up to his lips and we held each other and kissed some more. As he entered me. I arched my back to meet his thrust.
Slowly and gently he slid in and out of me. He rubbed my clit as his cock moved. In and out ever so gently he fucked me. Then he ask me what I like and I said to be on top and he said that was cool he liked to be on bottom so we switched.
I moved over him pulling him inside me without using my hands. He thought this was a cool trick. I moved over him driving him deep in me as he kissed me and moaned into my mouth.
As we moved together I felt the wetness escape from me and run all over the two of us. This happened over and over as he moved in side me and his hands roamed all over my body. He needed my breast and suck gently on the nipples. He asked if he could do me from behind so we switched to doggie style. He slammed hard against me now both of us moaning louder and louder. He wanted to do me in the ass and I agreed. He carefully slid it in and began to pump in and out of my ass. Going a little deeper and a little harder each time.
He had me lay flat on my stomach and began to fuck my ass again. I arched into each thrust. He told me he was going to cum. And I said ok. He did so in buckets. Then we rolled over and laid there holding each other and kissing. Our hands sliding over each others sweat covered bodies. I suggested he could take a shower. I sat in the bathroom and watched as he soaped and rinsed his body.
Back in the bedroom we sat on the bed and talked for a long while. Talking about things we could try next time. Then he had to be going so he could make it back in time for work. We stood in the living room and kissed for a long time holding each other close and hard. He gave me one last kiss and said until next time. And then he left.

rm_mikecon69 66M

1/19/2006 12:00 pm

really good , I would love to try to meet or bet it.

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7/27/2008 9:00 pm

mmmm I could feel every word you wrote mmmm very nice

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