The Hungry Heart  

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7/28/2005 7:53 pm

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The Hungry Heart

Passion boiling,
a luscious longing,
yearning to be scorched
by the Heat of your Heart
The brasier of your beauty
was barely a beginning
( ... could not prepare me...)
for the simmering sexuality
of your singe-ing soliloques.
Your beauty brought me
(*) half a world away
but it is the Words that draw me near!
Your passion envelopes me
The heat within your bosom
reduces all resistance to mere embers.
Have ALL of me
Absorb my ardent ardor, mon Amor
Consume me, my love, with a crimson caress
Ignite me with but an utterence
Cauterize,mon cheri, my caution
with your captivating charm
Envelope me
the entity
emotional electricity
Your touch is the torch
... that inkindles with kindness
and excites - then inflames
a feverish fury of flaming felicity...
'till the entire universe melts away
and we
for a moment
become one.
As you withdraw
all that remains
of me
With one knowing glance
from you
With but the curve of your smile
the ashes
an ember remains...
Speak softly, sweet sorceress,
that romantically incandescent incantation
and the embers ingnite

Up form/from the ashes
rises the fiery Pheonix...
of My Hungry Heart.

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