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9/10/2005 5:59 pm

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Nothing to do, so ill just write what ever comes to mind.

I restringed my guitar yesterday. good sound, very heavy. need a new amp.

i should start work at target here in a few days.

my injuries are getting better.

my window is dirty.

how about a poem?
here goes.
What to write?
>>Im out of thoughts,
Alone tonight,
>>My brain, it rots,
A pale light.

The shadows crawl,
>>accross my mind,
Beneath a horrid shawl,
>>They come up from behind,
And to me ear they call.

"you belong to us!"
>>they say.
"you belong to us."
>>yet nay!

For I belong to none.

well. thats it.

wanna hear a joke?
well to bad, i dont have any! hahahahaha!


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