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~~internet love~~

He had done this many times before, where he had placed an ad in several local papers advertising for that special someone. He had encountered so many problems in the past that he felt that doing this again may pose some kind of similiar situation where no one would reply to the ad. But he decided that he would take another chance and placed another ad under the heading "Wanted."
A call came in shortly after nine o'clock the next evening. When he answered hello, he could hear at the other end, a low sultry voice. She stated that she was calling about the ad, and that she was very interested in filling the position. But only if he was interested in her. He introduced himself as Robert and asked her, her name. She replied that her name was Shanneen, and that her close family and friends always referred to her as Anne. He then asked if he could call her Anne also, and she stated it was perfectly fine. He also asked if they could make an appointment to meet privately and she agreed to the time of nine o'clock the next night. They decided to meet at a local coffee shop to discuss the details of that ad.
She went to a corner coffee shop that was situated in a rather secluded spot. As she neared the building, she felt a slight twinge of nervousness over come her. But she knew what she was here for, and she was not about to turn back. As she entered the building, dressed in a short black skirt, black stockings and a tight black sweater--she felt all eyes were on her. She glanced around and noticed a man who was sitting off to the far corner on his own, where most of the other men sat with female companions. She walked towards the man, and asked him if his name was Robert. He looked right at her, smiled shyly and replied that his name was Robert. She sat down and introduced herself as Anne, and he extended his hand for her to shake. She noticed his quick smile, his shy blue eyes and a noticably soft feel to his hand. He in return noticed her soft full lips, her brown eyes and the softness to them. He also felt her soft hand. But what excited him the most about her was the scent of the cologne that she wore.
She approached the address that he had given her the last time they met, informing her also that she was the best candidate to fill the position of the ad. She wore exactly what Robert requested her to wear. She chose carefully the garter belt that he requested, the black lacy thong with thigh high lacy stockings. Over that, Robert wanted a black flared mini skirt, a black push-up bra and a button down shirt. She chose to wear knee high boots, which he said were fine as long as they were black and shiny.
She knocked on the wooden door as she could not find the bell to ring. It was a magnificent house, large in size with a cottage feel to it's surroundings. Flower beds alll around, with flower boxes at every window. The scent was remarkable.
Robert came to the door and let her in. He took her hand, and led her down a long hallway to a cool room that had a scent of male musk cologne. This scent immediately sent a feeling of warmth deep down inside of Anne, surprising her beyound belief. Robert was not talking. She knew that he would not, as she knew what she was here for, and it was not for any conversation.
Over by the far left corner was a wooden table, very small in size. As they approached this table, Robert took Anne and laid her down lightly on the table- her stomach touching the aged wood. He took her left leg and cuffed it to the one table leg, firmly but also very gently. He took the other leg and cuffed that one as well, and she was now shackled with both legs spread. With Anne leaning over in that position, he could see how great she looked under the flared skirt. But he had to finish the job before he could even think of touching her. He walked over to the left side of the table, took her left wrist and cuffed it to the leg close by. Robert did the same to the right wrist until all four limbs were shackled down. He placed a small silk pillow under her face for comfort. Lastly, he placed a silk eye cover over her eyes and asked her if she felt fine. Anne stated she was comfortable. She could hear footsteps, and she knew that it was Robert and that he was leaving the room.
After Robert left, it seemed like an eternity but it really wasnt. Anne heard voices enter the room. She did not recognise any of them even though she listened very carefully. She could hear both male and female voices talking amongst themselves. She could her Robert's voice as well.
She knew Robert was the dom, and that she was his slave-here to serve him in whatever way he asked of her. Anne suddenly felt light touches to her legs and to her arms. Someone was feeling her thighs, carressing, moving their hands upward. She now felt the person touch her buttocks, kneading them gently and then slapping lightly. She was not expecting this at all, but somehow the slapping felt great to her. Anne felt someone pull the small string of the thong over to one side, while they stuck their finger in her vagina. This person stated that she was so wet and that she felt so wonderfully soft. There was light fingering going on, in and out of her vagina and in and around her anal area. She felt someone come close and felt a hard cock run along the sides of her pussy, teasing it and her anal area. Then she felt the hardness of the male slip inside of her. He moved gently at first, but began to pick up great speed, fucking her with great desire. He stopped before he came and walked to the front of the table, and gently pulled Anne upwards. She could hear Robert instruct a female to walk over to Anne, and as she came close Anne could smell the seductiveness of the female desires. Robert instructed Anne to lick the woman named Sharla. The woman leaned into Anne's face and she took her tongue and flicked it and around the clitoral hood. She ran her tongue in circles, gently and she could hear the woman moan. This woman begged for someone to fuck her from behind while Anne licked her to orgasm. Anne could feel someone thrusting into Sharla, as she kept licking her. Sharla moaned from all the pleasure she felt. Suddenly Anne felt someone re-enter her own pussy while she continued to lick Sharla. Sharla begged for someone to touch her nipples, and the male who was fucking Anne stated he would reach over and carress them for her. Anne could taste Sharla's sweet delicious clit, damp with great desire and pleasure. As she moved towards Anne's tongue, Anne could hear her moan, echoing how great of a slave she was. Anne could now hear moaning comming from behind her as well, as the male was orgasming. Sharla yelled out that she was cumming, pushing her pussy in one last time, convulsing heavily from all the pleasure that she had just experienced. The process was repeating itself from behind her, as she felt the male cum deep inside of her. She then felt someone wipe her with a damp cloth, wiping away all traces of love.
Someone came close and started to finger Anne's anal area, teasing it in small circular movements. She felt some excitement, as she knew what was about to take place. A male, a different one this time, licked her anal area. He then moved a finger in lightly, moving it in gentle cirlcles. He backed off, removing the finger. He moved back in, running his hard cock all along her pussy lips and alll along her wet ass. He slowly inserted his cock and did so until it was all the way in. He watched for Anne's responce and he could see she was very comfortable with it, so he started to move with great force, knocking her back and forth against the table. Another female approached Anne, as she could smell the scent of a woman approach. The woman touched Annes head then guided it to her wanting pussy. Anne started to lick the clitoris hood, and it did not take long for her to hear the woman moan. She felt the man grip her hips,as he pulled in and out taking her hips with her at every movement. She tried her best to keep her tongue going on the woman's clit, as the man rammed himself inside of her. Anne felt someone lift her shirt up and take her breasts out of her black bra. This person carressed and touched her nipples. She felt that she might orgasm from this but that was not part of the deal that she had made with Robert. The woman shuddered, grinding her pussy into Anne's face. Anne could feel her convulse, teasing her wet pussy as she came. She yelled out about how great a slave Anne was and pulled Anne's hair closer to her pussy as she felt another orgasm approach. The man started to cum, pushing harder, then finally giving his last push grinding his hips deep into Anne's ass. Anne could feel a serge of warmthness deep down inside of her.
Someone came and wiped Anne off again with a damp cloth. She still had the eye cover on, so she could not see anyone. It was very quiet suddenly, then she could hear voices trailing, moving out of the room and into another part of the house. Anne heard someone re-enter the room, and who ever it was shut the door quietly. This person approached her, and Anne could feel the loosening of the cuffs at each leg and then at the wrists. She remained still as she was not to go beyound her dom's wishes. He helped her up, and he removed her eye cover and she seen that it was Robert. He told her she was a great slave and that she had made his wish come true.
Robert led her to a marble elegant bathroom, and she immediately noticed the beauty that surrounded her. He started to undress her by undoing her shirt. He looked deep into her eyes, as he continued onward. He reached around and undid her bra and let it fall to the floor.He slowly undid the zipper at the back of the skirt, and helped Anne to step out of it. She was left standing in just the garter belt, thongs, black stockings and leather boots. He leaned down and slowly undid her boots, then gently rolled the stockings down off her legs. He proceeded to unclasp her garter belt and let that fall to the floor as well. He then removed her very damp thongs, damp from all the previous activities. Anne stood naked, Robert stared at her, feeling great excitement stirring down below. Robert demanded her to watch as he undressed himself. She stared as he undid his silk button down shirt, then undoing the buttons on his Calvin Klein jeans- she noticed he did not wear underwear, and that he was well endowed. He stood looking at her, gazing into her eyes for sometime, and he felt such excitement from her.
He walked up to her, and leaned into her whispering into her ear about how he was gonna run water for them. He took her by the hand and helped her into the tub. Then he stepped in himself. He took some well-scented shower soap and lathered her up, turning her around and kissing the back of her neck and back while carressing her buttocks. He slowly worked his hand all around and slightly opened her legs and reached his hand inside to feel her full lips and her wet vagina. He started to finger her vagina, slowly moving his finger in and out, biting her shoulder lightly. He started to pull his hand back and started to make small circular movements around her anal area until he inserted a finger. Anne winsed as he did so, eventually became very comfortable with it being there. He pulled her closer, as she arched her back towards him, he steadily moved his finger in and out, while reaching around with the other hand to carress her swollen clit. Anne started to moan, as this felt so wonderful to her- her dom knew exactly how to pleasure her. She started to moan louder now, and Robert started to flick her clit in quick movements of the finger. She leaned into him, and came in great convulsions.He continued to finger her until she came three more times, and was totally spent. He turned Anne around and started to kiss her passionately, asking her to do the same to him as he had just done to her.
Anne turned Robert around and lathered him up. She ran her hands all over his body. She concentrated on his buttocks with one hand while she ran one hand over his hard cock. She slowly inserted her finger in, and he let out a loud moan. She rythymically moved her lathered finger in and out while stroking, and he loved this so much. He arched his back towards her, and she planted love bites all on his neck while continuing with the hand action. He started to moan, and stated that he was so close to cumming, and that he wanted to cum in her mouth. She asked him to turn around, and she knelt down as she took the head of the cock into her mouth. She licked in circles all around the balls and then proceeded to take the whole cock into her mouth. She continued doing this, and she then reached around with the other hand and inserted her finger into his anus. He was in heaven, and she sucked on him while he swivelled his hips to grind his cock into her face.He moaned loudly and told Anne in a very sexy voice that he was about to cum. She felt him push his cock deeper, and she then tasted warm sweet cum as he exploded in her throat.
They got out of the shower, dried each other off and went to a bedroom. He laid down beside her and kissed her passionately. She reached up, and ran her hand along his face while he kissed her. She ran her hand through his damp hair, and this excited her so much. Robert carressed her breasts and squeezed her nipples while they kissed. He lowered his head to her neck and started to lick her there while she licked his ear. She whispered into his ear about how she wanted to be taken with such force, and that he the dom would be the one to do so. He proceeded to lick her breasts one by one, and lightly bit her nipples. Anne begged him to bite harder, as this always turned her on. She took his hand and guided it to her throbbing wet pussy. He inserted one finger into her and slowly moved it in and out. Anne was so wet from all the excitement. As he was in her pussy with his finger, she rubbed her clit, quickening the process. She told him to lay on his back, as she loved to be eaten while sitting up. She lowered herself on Robert's face, while he still had a finger inside her. With his fabulous licking and with 2 fingers deep inside of her--she was in total ecstacy. Anne pushed her clit into Robert's face several more times until she orgasmed three times in total.
Anne lowered herself down and kissed Robert. She could taste pussy on his lips, and this excited her so much. She licked his neck, bit his shoulder lightly and proceeded downwards towards his nipples. She ran her tongue in circular motions around them, lightly teasing them. She then moved downward with her tongue down towards the navel area. She moved her tongue inside his belly button for a few seconds then proceeded downwards. She went down towards his thighs, and licked inside them using circular motions. She opened his legs, and started to lick the anal area--affecting him wildly. She moved upward and flicked his balls with small licking action then moved her tongue in long strokes from the base of his cock to the tip. She then proceeded to deep throat him, affecting him all the more, as she could feel him respond by the hardness. She bobbed her head wildly around the top of his cock making him swivel his hips, helping his cock to meet her face. He moaned low gutteral sounds, then begged to fuck Anne. She gets on her back and Robert enters her slowly at first. When he is positioned, he starts to move rythymically with her. He lookes down at her, and she meets his gaze. They stare into each others eyes the whole time they are fucking. He cannot stand it anymore, arches his back and orgasms. He lays beside Anne, and she proceeds to lick the remaining sperm off of him, and then proceeds to kiss him again. He moves his hand down towards her pussy and starts to rub her as they kiss. Not long after, he can hear her moan. He starts to flick her clit wildly until she cums again several more times. He askes her if she is finished, and she replies that she is and thanks him. They both succumb to a deep sleep, holding each other loosely.
In the morning,Anne leaves as she has to work. She leaves quite early, and before Robert is aroused out of sleep. She thinks about him all day and decides to check him out, but decides against it--thinking that he should make the first move. She waits several more days, and still no calls. Two weeks go by when Anne decides to go to Robert's house. She knockes on the door, and some elderly woman states that she has never heard of a Robert living there. Then it dawns on the old woman that, that when she was vacationing two weeks prior, she had someone house sit while she was gone. But the gentleman's name was not Robert. Anne askes the woman where the man went and the woman states that he left no forwarding address. Anne leaves the house feeling very upset, feeling tears well up in her eyes. Anne feels it was all like a dream.

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Nice. Got anything on spanking?


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Very erotic and well written--love to read more!

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Nikomis what wonderful writing. I always knew u had talent but just wow gurl u rock Mmmm

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