loosing my virginity ...  

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5/27/2006 9:57 am

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loosing my virginity ...

I told a friend on IM the other day about how I lost my virginity and i thing I should share it with all of you ... so here it goes!
At thirteen I found myself in yet another all girls boarding school in Switzerland, after I got expelled from the previous one for defacing some paintings with a marker ... my father had to fork out tons of money and then fork out some more for the new school to take me as my record was quite appalling!
Anyway I'm here in an all girls boarding school, a situation which I will take full advantage of ... never again will i taste such fresh pussy!
But I was still a stranger to cock, and very curious indeed ... my curiosity increased even further by the find of my father porn collection, mmmh, spent many a day in the attic with my fingers up my pussy flicking through the juicy pages and wondering, wanting, this things to happen to me ... and soon!
All the girls at school had a big crush on the maths teacher, Mr. Schnabel, mostly because he was the only representative on the male sex in the school... so we spent night in the dormitory sticking fingers up each other pretending it was Mr. Schnabel's cock, till it was finally decided that I would seduce him and then we would share him ... the little dirty minds of upper class virgin sluts!
The next day I asked him to give me a hand with my maths exercises, the study room was [how convinient!] empty and we sat at a large rectangular table, he started explaining and I pretended to care, after a few minutes I took my shoe off and started massaging hi groin with my foot, all the while looking him straight in the face, he avoided my eyes, babbling now a little, trying to concentrate, I kept at it, feeling his cock getting harder, till he grab my foot and pushed it further against his groin, his breathing getting heavier, I knew I had him then and that I would get my cock! He stood up and went to close the studio door, I stood up too and he went on his knees, pulled down my white panties to my ankles and plunged his head under my pleated skirt, hugging my harse, and started to lick my sweet little pussy ... and what an expert tongue, tickling my clit then sliding all the way down to my wet opening, then sliding inside, my knees buckled, a warm sensation starting to spread through my body, he lets his fingers wonder inside my harse cheeks, probing my harsehole and sliding inside my moist pussy, my knees give way so he props me on the table face down and separates my harse cheeks with his fingers, he fingers my sweet virgin cunt for a while and then I feel the head of his cock right at my opening, he starts pushing in and I start pushing down against it, feeling the hard cock slowly driving itself into my virgin pussy, it hurts a little and then its finally in and Mr, Schnabel starts to pump me harder and faster, spreading my legs and rubbing my clit at the same time, I feel a totally new sensation and I'm hooked, I already want more, he's pumping me hard, caressing my body all over, his hands under my blouse feeling my nipples and one rubbing my clit, my moans are louder now, turning into screams so he puts a hand over my mouth, then as if inspired he sticks two fingers inside my pussy and back into my mouth and i suck on them, this muffles my moans a little, he takes his cock out and theres a little blood on it and he says "Very good, I like breaking virgin pussy" then he sticks it back in and starts pumping me fast again ... my body is tensing, a tingling sensation all over my body, a sensation like i'm close to death and its the best feeling in the world ... i keep repeating in whispers "I'm coming, I'm coming" and Mr. Schnabel fucks me harder, until i feel his cock getting harder in my soaking pussy and then he pumps me harder again and then he comes inside me, some of his come trickling down my legs...
Mr. Schnabel gives me a little kiss on the lips and then gets himself together while a do the same and then he leaves, I sit in the study room enjoying the feeling for a while.
That night of course I shared my experiences with the other girls, getting them all excited and turned on! Mr. Schnabel and I kept seeing each other for six months, sometimes my girlfriends would join us and he would have us playing games on his living room carpet, one of his favorites was having us do daisy chains while one of us sucked him off, he also loved dildo and vibrators ... I sure had many afternoon delights at his house!
I was very sad when he got sacked 6 months later and for a while i even thought a would never taste another cock ever again, but time shows how wrong I was about that!

rm_357673 34M
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5/31/2006 8:11 am

hey der sexy love d story was very interesting love 2 here some more u got my poor old cock so hard i almost came without doing anything 2 him nd let m tell u notjust any old story r porn movie normaly does dat 2 me love 2 hear from u and if i dont well hay keep up d goo work sweetie

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5/31/2006 8:38 am

Wow, that reminds me when I was a teacher at university....

A 21-year old female student needed some help with the test I
was checking and she came into my office, she closed the door,
removed her t-shirt and stood in front of me with two big breasts
and told me: "I need help with my tits.. ops, test" (a translation
from the original italian phrase "aiuto con le tett.., ops test").

I grab her breasts and started sucking her nipples; I lifted her and
layed her down on the table. I shifted her underwear and started
licking her pussy, then I fucked her hard on my table.

Unfortunatelly while we were enjoing so much another professor came
in and found us...

He was not very happy: he was an old person not open-minded.
So the girl was rejected at the test and I received
a formal reproach from the principal.

Since that day I always check if the door is locked!

rm_licksz 40M

6/4/2006 4:26 pm

SEXY, YU SPIN A VERY CONVINCING YARN.. i think i need a change of profession.. anyone know of any teaching vacancies? hehehe

SirMounts 102M

6/6/2006 12:58 pm

My, it sounds like you girls got... quite, an education. *winking*
Welcome to blogging, nikkykiki. *smiling*

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