Well, lets try again ...  

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5/24/2006 12:13 pm

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5/27/2006 9:11 am

Well, lets try again ...

Hallo boys and girls ...
I'm away for work and very, very, very, horny .... mmmh, nothing doing apart from my fingers as my bus.partner is asleep next door and no chance i'll fuck him again since he is one of the lousiest fucks I had in my life ... I pity his poor wife, actually ... I don't because she's one stuck up cow that needs a big hard cock in her pussy to loosen her up!
Anyway ... not in the best mood ... its all this working lark and no action ... plays tricks on me you see, yesterday sitting at a meeting I was day-dreaming about a party ... and I would be the nibble at this party! mmmh, love it! The idea is that am strap to a chair, the seat of the chair is in a X kind of position so my legs are spread wide, my legs are strapped and so are my harms ... the chair is hoisted on a wall at average head hight so people at the party can play with my pussy ... stroke it, lick it, finger it, stick dildos and vibrators in it ... mmmh, would really love that!!!
I'm sure the chair actually exists ... but I've never seen it ... so let me know if u come accross it!
Talking about parties, I told you I accidentally deleted my story about a party I went to when I was ninteen and lived in Italy ... well, here it is!
I went to this party in a villa in the hills outside Florence with my then boyfriend Marco, the party was fantastic, we drank, danced, met new interesting people ... towards the end of the night there were only about 15 people left and the host invited us in the living room where he said "now we are gonna play a little game, I have all the women names in this hat and in the other all the mens, I will pick a name from each hat and the people chosen will have to have sex on the living room carpet so we can all watch", well my pussy was trobbing already in anticipation ....
fortunately I was picked, the man was in his 60, with a big belly and not very attractive at all ... but a cock is a cock and who am i to spoil the party?
So i moved into the centre of the room and the man [he's name was Lorenzo I found out later] started taking my clothes off, while i unzipped his trousers and took out his cock ... mmmh, not bad at all, I went on my knees and started licking the cock all over, while with my hands slowly parting his harse cheeks and fiddling with his harsehole ... then I started sucking on his big purple swollen head while playing with his balls ... I could feel his cock turning harder and harder inside my mouth, I looked around, some people were touching each other or masturbating but most people, including Marco, had their eyes glued on us ... I loved all the attention! The man made me go on all fours and started licking my pussy from behind, with his fingers separating my harse cheeks, my pussy soaking, my moans louder ... now I can feel the head of his cock playing with my cunt, I spread my legs to give him the signal that I am ready and he pushes his big cock deep inside me then takes it out all the way and then again rams it in the all way, he does this a few time ... I'm in heaven, then starts fucking me faster and faster, I push against his cock, I want it all inside my soacking pussy ...
He keep going faster and faster and then comes all over my harsehole ... I'm now lying on the carpet with my legs spread open, a woman with huge breasts comes over and starts licking my pussy ... I look around my boyfriend is still looking at me, only now a young boy is going down on him .... the woman is sucking on my wet pussy and sticking one finger, then two, then tree inside me ....Lorenzo is behind her now, his cock erect ... he pushes his cock deep inside her harsehole, for a second she stops licking me and then as Lorenzo pumps her hard she licking and sucking me in a frenzy ....I don't think it is fair ... I want cock too ... like if he read my toughts a man comes over and sticks his cock in my mouth, I eagerly suck on it like it was the best lollypop I ever tasted ... he starts talking to me he says [in Italian of course!] "You like it you big slut, suck it all ... u like being fucked hard ... don't you ... suck on it hard!" that turns me on even more and i suck harder, taking his cock deep into my mouth as far as it can go without chocking me .... The woman is too close to coming now and has stopped licking me ... but i don't have to wait for long as I can feel a cock penetrating my soaking cunt ... I spread my legs to take it all in and the guy starts puonding me hard ... I turn around on all four again and again take a big cock in my mouth and one in my pussy, I can feel a cock penetrating my harsehole now, my hole relaxing as the cock pushes in ... I'm pumping hard against it ... I can hear a voice saying "fuck her hard, give it to her... fuck her real hard" I realise is my boyfriend ... I'm sucking hard faster and faster, the guy ramming is cock in and out of my mouth, while the other two cocks are doing the same with my pussy and harsehole ... I'm close to coming...my body tensing, my hips pushing faster and faster against the two cocks in my soacking horifices, my tongue slurping on a big giant hard cock ... finally we all come, the two boys at the back all over my harsehole and pussy and the other guy all over my face ...
Did u like the story?
Oh, let me know what u think about my pics ...

rm_licksz 40M

5/25/2006 11:30 am

gosh yu know how to weave an erotic yarn..... maybe we cud relive the past for real or have a part two of that party here in dublin.. wot ya tink?

rm_igiveitago 41M
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5/26/2006 8:04 am

Great Story - hell of a way to get to meet the locals as well!

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