Before dinner ...  

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5/25/2006 1:47 pm

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Before dinner ...

Have to run for dinner with our Germen clients but before I do I want to talk about Captain Bringdown, my business partner, I mentioned him to a friend on chat and now I have to share our NON-SHAG with you ... its just too hilarious!Don't worry, no more horror stories after this one, I just have to make you realise how I came to hate this man ...apart from the fact that he is a real twat!
We travel a lot together because of our job, about three years ago we were staying in an hotel in New York, after dinner with clients we end up in the hotel bar; we talk about work and this and that, I drink he doesn't, I keep an eye on the door in case an elegible man enters the bar, but it seems its gonna be just us for the evening, the gay piano player and the barman, who seems to have a crush on the piano player as he keeps to make eyes at him and to sigh out loud everytime he plays a love song.
Buzzkill is still yapping, about work, about his wife, about the new car he's going to buy if we land this deal ... my mind wonders, my pussy itching for action but none to be seen ... unless ... you see, sometimes I think my pussy has a mind of her own, she wants cock, buzzkill has cock ... so I say to him "I'm going to bed, r u coming", he follows me upstairs [our rooms are on the same floor], at his bedroom door he says "Would u like to come in and check those figures before our meeting in the morning" No-i think - i don't care for figures, I just want cock ... but I walk in the bedroom, I pour myself a drink and, of course he gives out to me "Nikky, you drink too much!", he's forever giving out to me for something or other ... I move closer to him on the couch, the papers strewn on the glass table in front of us[he is the type of guy that when he invites a girl to his bedroom to look at some papers he means just that], I lean over, my top slips off my shoulder and exposes one of my nipple, he can't stop looking at it, feigns indifference but his eyes keep wondering to it, I pretend I havent noticed ... Then I catch his eyes and tell him " would you like to touch them?" his trembling hand moves towards me and starts squeezing my breasts like they were ballons, or one of those stress balls thingy ... I don't know but that doesn't do anything for me, Its all in the nipple as far as i'm concerned!
I lean over and kiss him, he kisses me back, I slide my top off and expose my bear breasts, I start unbottoning his shirt [he's just looking at me, almost paralized, looks like I will have to do all the work here!]and take it off him, move close and start biting on his nipples very gently, then sucking on them and then flicking the tip of my tongue over them. 'lie down" i tell him, he does and i take his trousers off and his briefs, his erect cock jutting out ...I take my panties off and i'm on my knees over him, I say 'Would you like me to give you a blow job?" he nods yes and i lean over him to take it into my mouth, I hear him moaning and sighing and his body is tensing ... Oh, Oh, whats going on here? I ask myself, moaning louder he comes before i can even be close enough to take it on my face ... I'm surprise!!! Then he rolls over and starts going "You are too much for me, oh my god ... what will i say to my wife ... oh my god"
What? I say to myself, I am too much? I haven't even touched you yet ... for fuck sake ... I still haven't got any cock ... he's lying on the couch in the fetal position sobbing ... all there is left for me to do is to get drunk, I go back to my room and have another drink before falling asleep all alone in my bed.
The next morning Bringdown is all guilt, he's going to tell his wife, he says ... I just tell him not to be stupid, nothing happened, well, not to me anyhow! But I have to ask him how is wife is coping with his problem he looks at me surprise and says "What problem?" "Well" I say"Your premature ejaculation" 'What? He says "I don't have a problem, last night was fantastic"
Some guys eh?!? What a fucking twat!
So now I can't stand him ... and who can blame me?
Still away, few more meetings this week-end and maybe into next week, I like hotel rooms, I don't have to move a finger, my room is cleaned up for me, my breakfast served ... maybe I should kick out my house mates, sell the house and move to the Morrison ... mmmh, thats an idea ... and it is central!
Till the next time ... xxx Nikky

Blade1290 31M

5/25/2006 2:43 pm

That sucks.

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