The best opportunity slipping by..  

nikkitgirlm 46T
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5/21/2006 5:22 pm
The best opportunity slipping by..

I got the best question in an email this am which caused me to spend some time reflecting on my life, my alternative crazy life. Here was the question. "what was the best opportunity you ever let slip by online?" The answer I thought at first easy but then I became philosophical. (What if the opportunity seemed great but would have been disasterous? blah blah so on. But after thinking of it I guess it was this one. It came from a couple in Ohio who through an online group was seeking a Tgirl, but wanted a daughter. After weeks of chatting with them, calling each other and finally meeting everything was going well. Their ambitions were sincere, as were mine. They wanted someone they could "raise" even though I believe I was 29 at the time. They couldn't have kids and wanted to experience the parenthood issues from potty training to prom dates. What an awesome situation. Unfortunately, they had their own internal marital issues that weren't going to get resolved and they split, but this is probably my "best opportunity slipping by" how much fun THAT would have been.
Maybe everyone will take a few minutes to just sit and think of their "missed opportunity" it certainly can be enlightening.
To all who read, enjoy the week and thank you very much for checking in on me.

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