Why are we so misunderstood.  

rm_nikki351 65T
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8/24/2005 8:11 am

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7/4/2011 10:38 pm

Why are we so misunderstood.

I am a post op and getting sick and tired of how SOME people react to us. Go out and have or try to have a good time and it never fails. Some genitic while have to come over and slam. Skyscrape, like at 5 ft 8 I am tall, or wanna be comments and giggles.
It is getting so bad just using the ladies room is turning into a test as to how long I can act a lady and not deck one out. I do a lot of work on my body , and after three years on the mones it helps. So their eyes dont bother me any more just there comments. At 126, and a 38 c with 26 waist, eat your hearts out. I didnt go to seed. So my ass is not at wide. Big deal, they should get a really good look at their exit view not cut me for mind.

Men are just as bad. Why do they all think we are cyber whores,lease by the piece specials, or their sex toys. Sure I love sex but treat me like a lady is that to much to ask for. I have feelings to.

Sure livin in nashville is the "heart of the Bible Belt" It is what rome is to the catholics, for the bible thumper. And to make it worse the mother church of Bubba and country music. But people are people, and have the right to be them selves. So why sterotype us oout of their ignorance and preformed prejudices.

frankd52 71M  
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9/1/2005 4:41 pm

Right on lady..If that is how you want to be treated that is how others should treat you..We need to bury our prejudices against what many donot think is normal for them..

rm_pariakaka 41M
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9/4/2005 12:13 pm

You don't need small people around you. You are who you are, you know it, and you are happy. We must try to make life simple, that's all we got. Kind regards.

rm_outlaw45622 68M
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2/18/2006 11:20 am

Both of the above nicely stated true words and I add my agreement. Life is way to short and uncertain to complicate it with unwarranted expressions or fellings--Go to it with blessings!

rm_LaurasLusty 69T

3/8/2006 6:51 pm

Since Einstein was wrong and GOD does rroll the dice, ask them what sex charastics was in there distribution. Dallas is stiff but nothing like Tenn. Laura

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