One of my male on male experiences  

nihilist772002 39M/36F
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8/27/2006 5:34 am

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6/16/2008 12:30 pm

One of my male on male experiences

i was 17, and i was walking through the park, a certain corner of the park was known for guys hooking up with each other and i was just at that time coming to terms about my attraction to other men, yes i have had some other experiences but the following stands out futher in my mind. i was walking inside the tree line and i saw two older guys standing there touching each others cocks, as soon as i saw i froze and couldnt stop looking, they both walked towards me, i sat down on a fallen tree, and when they reached me without saying a word, they put their cocks in my mouth, i only sucked them both for a short time before one of them pulled me to my feet and pushed my shorts down. the other bent me over so he could shove his cock in my mouth, while the one behind me put his finger up my ass, it didnt take him long to get around to stretching my young asshole with his cock. i was lost between them both for awhile, i was just still, letting them both fuck me, in the ass and my mouth. the guy i was sucking came first, he grabbed the back of my head, shoved his cock in my mouth as deep as it would go and shot his cum down my throat. that was all it took for me, being used like that for these strange men to cum in had me so hard that i came quickly. the man that came in my mouth started to leave, and the other picked up the pace fucking me up the ass, i can remember feeling his cock swell up inside me as he came, shooting his cum up my ass, then, without saying anything, he pulled up his pants and left, i waited, still hard from from getting fucked by these two older men, and made myself cum again while i played with my ass....

CroonPillsAxing 60M

10/4/2006 3:49 pm

what a nice way to start out

rm_Older4U2007 65M

3/11/2007 12:16 am

Hi! Let's meet in the park

kinky_freak4u 31M
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4/10/2007 2:27 pm

thats the way i want to start off...i want to be used and abused!

rm_mrsmooth269 58M

7/11/2007 2:07 am

Wow that is hot! I would've loved to have been there!

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