why do i bother?  

nightworker2 60M
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7/8/2005 2:06 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

why do i bother?

Alright I know I am going to sound like a real miserable sod here but I'm not. I am just confused. I like many of the people here spend good money on membership of this site..so why do so many talk the talk but fail to walk the walk and its getting worse. The more members there are the harder it is to meet up with someone. I live in Essex, if you look on the local sites for Essex and read the postings all you will see is talk about "We must meet up" "Lets sort something out" "Yeh Thats a definate" "Right you name the time and Date" no you do it, no you, no you, nooo youuu,. Well you get the picture it's like star struck lovers putting the phone down....nothing happens and you just run up a big bill.
Like all people who used to be in the boy scouts I like to be prepared, so there are four things I carry in my car: A tent, A sleeping bag, A blanket with a waterproof backing (well in this country it may be sunny for days but you can bet the grounds still damp) and finally a packet of condoms.
The reason for this stuff is easy; I like to get in my car at weekends and drive so in case I get to somewhere really nice and the weather is good I set up my tent. If its not I book into a B&b or a hotel (Good or otherwise ) depends on how flush I am. The other items are really self explanatory on this site.
Ah but what's that got to do with my moan.... well its this. If I view someone in say Blackpool its because I am likely to end up there one day (Its happened before)If there is an insentive to end up there all the better. So I am being serious if I make contact..Not a picture collector not a player just doing what we are all supposed to be doing here trying to meet people. If I do meet with someone the following day we may say that was fun but not again, or, may say lets do it again soon.
The car made there once it can do it again!!!
SO listen people lets be honest with each other..if you really want to meet say so. If you dont have the bottle say so..It could be that something could be worked out to bring you round. finaly if you only want to FANTASISE about meeting dont leave the rest of us hanging on say so.

rm_mortica 59F
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7/8/2005 6:26 pm

Couldn't have put it better,myself.I'm tird of men saying their take the time to get to know me.THEN pester me for sex,when thay have texted me twice!Yes I am looking for a Lover,but that person will have be become my friend first.There are women on this site who go in for as many one-time encounter's as they can.If that's what they want good luck to them,I prefer to share my body and feeeling's with someone I have a connection with.Someone I can share all that is me with,not just the sum of my bodily part's.There's a mind ,soul and dare I say it on this site,a heart,[that's it it's done]in this body that all seek someone.That's it I've said my bit,for what it's worth.Take Care,and God Bless.

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