the cynic prooved wrong  

nightworker2 60M
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7/10/2005 5:32 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

the cynic prooved wrong

well it only goes to show doesn't it there's me been banging on about people not wanting to meet and today out of the blue I meet up with a very lovely lady (no names revealed want her to myself)
I had sent her an invitation to join my network and just as I was about to log out got an ims to contact her.
being polite and as she was a sexy looking lady
( I didn't have to refer back to her profile to remind me) we chatted briefly about this and that as you do then suddenly there was an invite to meet. I didn't hesitate within the hour we were face to face over a glass of coke comparing lives misfortunes (nice safe location busyish pub outside in full view of a main road LADIES AND GENTS TAKE NOTE).
well it was 10.30 before we parted company no sex or sexual content in the conversation just a gentle "getting to know you" bit of a snog before parting company a parting caress of her buttock (she is one lady) and then home.
we went back on line as soon as we got home sorting out our next meeting. I think we both know the ground rules I will find out soon.
rest assured dear reader I will update you as to how things progress but there will be no lurid details (I am not having people jerking off to my personal affairs)
the funny thing is I was logging off in order to respond to a lurid invite from a nymphet..don't know what the result of that one might have been but I am more than happy with the way things have turned out as this appears to be a more long term relationship...only time will tell.
all I have to do now is try and restore some self esteem into a lovely lady.

rm_elnwll19 52F

7/13/2005 12:16 am

well you lucky person just goes to show you that it comes to all those who wait and sounds like your the cat that got the cream i hope the nymph is not to sad she nearly had you well its all about choices and it seems you chose the right one if your as happy as you write well done good to hear some happiness

rm_Misty482 63F
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7/16/2005 5:01 am

To start with your last comment..Yes Men can be real B******S as I have come to find through this site (tho for some reason I keep dropping by "justto See"!!) I have met one or to, who, at the time have seemed genuine, ground rules set etc, only to find that i have been taken for the "perverbile ride". So faith in human nature wains a little!!! I'm glad you met someone. It goes to show that the strangest things happen when you least expect them.
Good luck to you.

rm_elnwll19 52F

7/16/2005 8:10 am

hi keep looking babe it will happen only be used if you want to be used dont let it get that far easier said than done but there are genuine men out there just got to connect but its the only way to find out is to take the plunge good luck keep smiling

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