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4/20/2005 12:19 am

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Countless thoughts rage through my mind at the most inoportune moments; times when I should be concentrating on something else, but wish, instead, to be sitting in front of my writing desk and either composing new works, or writing letters to friends. Mostly when I am underway somewhere, have little to think about otherwise but what is playing on the classical channel, and no opportunity to make notes.

Fine, I always have a small notebook with me, for those thoughts which manage to stick and can be expanded upon and which might - may - become something more than a simple thought with branches but no roots. Once the roots set in, once it begins to grow further, then I need the time, the peacer and quiet and, above all, the patience to make an idea into a completed work.

I've tried recording such inspirational thoughts on a pocket recorder, to no avail. The sound quality is abysmal - engine noises or other background disturbances - and the thought process, by me at least, is not the same as when I have paper and pen to work with. This goes back to my youth, before the time of these computer machines and easy typing and corrections. Everything we did was worked out in detail on paper, easily corrected and worked through. Then came the typing phase; one main copy and a carbon copy laboriously typed out, in my case, on an old Imperial. I don't use the typewriter any more, that is the one concession I've made to modern times, but the working through, the thought processes, the corrections, additions and deletions, they continue to work best on paper.

Some thoughts follow me for years and may never be used. I remember seeing a young fox one spring - it must be all of thirty years ago now - standing in a gap beneath a hedge watching the passing traffic. The road was busy, there was no chance for him to cross to the otherside, and I could almost sense him sighing in resignation before turning and disappearing back into the undergrowth. I've never used the idea, and this particular fox has probably long since surcumbed to the whims of some Huntmaster and his hounds; but the memory is still there and, one day, I may well incorporate it in something or other.

William Boyd, interviewed this week during his tour of Germany, promoting his new work, commented that it isn't those who bask in the sunlight of celebrity for a few hours who make the trade what it is; but the writers who work quietly and alone to bring their thoughts and their art to the fore. Writing is a very lonely trade to follow, but one that can be inspired (I add, for the benefit of Mr Boyd) by those pleasures we follow when not alone.

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4/21/2005 8:41 pm

Awesome essay nights! Also, you finally managed to "incorporate it into something or other"

I am new to writing as a hobby. I have kept a journal for periods of time, but blogging is different. I somehow seem to make a greater effort when writing for public consumption than when journaling privately.

I do find that I enjoy it immensely.

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4/22/2005 8:28 am

I always seem to get some good thoughts when on a long drive alone in my car. I had thought about getting one of the small recorders to record them, since I seem to forget most of it before I have a chance to write them down. I may have to reconsider that now.

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