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Willing ...

It's the start which is the hardest part, getting that first move over and done with and working out whether it is likely to be a success, whether it will lead to more, or whether it's likely to be a dead end and a waste of time.

I have this practically everytime I receive a writing assignment. I'm not so good at assignments, at least, not with the planning and the initial opening. When I have an idea for my own work, something that I want to create and then send out for consideration, the start is easy. The first words roll from my pen, or through my fingers onto the screen, and the work forms in next to no time.

Funnily enough, it is much the same outside of the work environment. Going out with the express intention of finding someone is much the same. I go out with a blank sheet and next to no idea of what I am looking for, but knowing exactly what I wish to achieve. I need to work on the opening; I need to overcome the initial block which could prevent everything working out; I need to concentrate on one specific area or person and know when to move on because there is nothing working. The gothette last weekend was a perfect example. I had looked at many, chatted with a few, hit it off with one.

Outside the work environment, when I am invited somewhere, such as yesterday, it is different again. I know why I am going there, why I have been invited, and I know exactly what is due to happen if not how fast it is going to happen.

The trick is knowing the difference between all these different times, at home and outside. Further, knowing when to stop and start afresh, when to realise that it is going nowhere and turn to a blank sheet, a new person to start afresh.

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