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3/27/2005 7:37 am

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Today I took a bit of time out to visit a chat room here, not something that I often manage here or elsewhere, even though I'm a member of several groups. There wasn't a great deal going on, a few people there logging in and then wandering off again without a word; seeing that nothing much was happening and then, rather than getting the action (the Chat) going, leaving.

However, there were a few people prepared to show a little bit of action, and bring more than a smile to my old face, a tightening of the trousers.

There's something about watching someone else masturbate which I enjoy; both male and female. Sadly I don't get to see the woman playing all that often (I'd be willing to accept offers to change that, but, well ...) and most of the men who come on are obviously hoping that the women will be watching them play. This time there was a very handsome looking person (you never get to see the face, for obvious reasons, so I suspect you'll be able to imagine what I'm referring to) sitting in front of his videocam stroking and waiting. His profile says he's looking for women, which is fine by me, but I greeted him anyway.

You don't have to be gay to gain enjoyment from watching someone else. Let's get that out of the way first. Think of how many people (men) watch porno films and comment on the tool's they see being used there; envy or pleasure? So I know that this particular man need have no worries about his sexuality. He played and I watched. We exchanged a short greeting, and I efgged him on. I wanted to see more than his hand moving up and down his member, more than the foreskin sliding backwards and forwards. And the picture was good too; he held the videocam in his left hand and moved as the mood suited, masturbating with his right hand; the foreskin sliding up and down, over his marvellously purple head and then back down; everything glistening with moisture and then pre-cum.

I egged him on a bit more, there were women in the room, but were any of them watching. He pumped away and then, shaking a touch, the first stream shot out of his member and out of sight; the rest followed soon after, a veritable stream of creamy white cum. I wish I could have bee there in front of him, helping or catching! It was a great pleasure to see and, I feel sure, he enjoyed being watched by a male just as much as I enjoyed watching him.


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