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3/28/2005 12:04 am

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Video and cam watching

I get great pleasure from switching over to the groups and clicking on one or two of them where I know that there's going to be a little bit of action. Why not? That, after all, is what they're there for!

So, I get to see a couple playing with each other; and I mean the full works with dildo, sucking and licking and then the penetration. Everyone on the group enjoys watching, and passes comment on size, shape, form, whatever. Male and female.

Now you can't tell me that the males aren't just looking at the woman, or that the women are only looking at the male. Everyone sees everything, and should be happy and open enough to admit it. A sex show is, after all, more than one person (in this case, at least) and the performance is only complete when both are watched and enjoyed.

And then we have the single men with their web cams. They've just been watching and stroking at the same time and now they want to be watched. They want to be appreciated and get their little kick as well. Why do so many get upset, then, when another male pops up and encourages them, or compliments them? Are they scared that they'll suddenly become Gay overnight just because another man commmented on their size or stroking technique, or asked them to continue?

Last night was good, though. There were a couple of men on cam (women alone seem to perform with amazing rarity) and a couple of them were prepared to perform right up to the creamy end. There was even a younger man, recorded on his profile as being straight, who wanted to watch and got his eyeful too - a new initiate into the joys of voyeurism. I'm sure that he didn't wake up Gay this morning!


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