The weather.  

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5/15/2005 3:28 am

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The weather.

Another boring title to make sure no one is interested in reading my blog!

I write that because I came across another blog which complained (!) that the only interesting blogs were written by older people, that is, older than 40. I fall into the older category, but not necessarily into the interesting blog category (from my own point of view). The young lady in question seemed to feel that the only reason older people (she's in her mid-thirties) write interesting blogs is because they have nothing else to do, or spend ten hours a day in front of the computer. The idea that someone might write one entry within ten minutes and it could still be interesting didn't seem to strike her at all.

But do only the older people write interesting blogs? I don't think so. Bearing in mind how much experience a person has, how articulate and literate they are, an eighteen year old could write as interesting a blog here as anyone with sixty years of life behind them. Conversely, a sixty year old could also write the most boring drivel imaginable, or merely extensions to their pleading profile.

Is there an art to writing a blog? Possibly, but if so I don't think that I've managed to find it yet! It is perhaps rather like my normal writing; I take the idea from my mind and expand it, first mentally and then, when it appears to be ripe, on paper (or the monitor). I work at it a little bit and then leave it to mature for an hour, or a day before returning to it and correcting, improving, refining. Of course, a blog entry is rather quicker than that, there is less of the refinement, no waiting period and a lot more spontanaity involved; but the process is probably pretty much the same.

I constantly tell people, who ask me about writing or about writing letters, that they need to take anything which springs to mind and then remember that the person / people they are writing for cannot see, do not know what is being described. A writer, blog or otherwise, needs to be able to create a picture for this 'blind' person. A writer needs to be able to sketch, fill out and colour a description.

A often also quote from one of my favourtie books of all time, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. In this the teacher / philosopher is confronted by a pupil who cannot describe her home town in writing for someone else. He tells her first to concentrate on a part of the town, rather than the whole. This fails for her, so he suggests she choose a street. As this doesn't work either (she must be really having problems in her life) he resorts to suggesting a house and then, when this also fails, a brick in this house's wall.

Sometimes you need to start small in order to capture the whole picture; sometimes you need to bring your plans a little bit downwards in order to succeed; along the lines of making big plans but forgetting the details, which is something none of us should do!

Aside from all that, the weather is terrible today. We have a holiday weekend and, of course, it is raining.

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wyvernrose 38F
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5/15/2005 4:39 am

Actually I thought the young lady who wrote it was 26 same age as me!

well that's what I saw on her profile anyway, Don't let her get to your nights together your posts are charming, eloquent and refreshing


expatbrit49 62M

5/15/2005 6:11 am

Nicely put nights for those that might like to follow that thread Papyrinahas an interesting post on what is old which was inspired by the same post from [blog 100words]

And wyvernrose you are that old now way

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

mi_mwpm 51M

5/15/2005 9:29 am

Whew! Since I'm only 39, my blog is still officially allowed to be uniteresting. Pressure's on come October though.

rm_koocnachtiek 60M
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5/15/2005 1:38 pm

I really like this post nights. It is very well written and interesting. I have been taking notes on what techniques may work in blogging myself. I will mail you my finished report if ever I get back to it.

Is this just another trick by keithcancook
to get his text on television?

nightstogether 56M

5/15/2005 3:08 pm

re-re-post: checking later I see that she is indeed 26. I should check my facts before hitting the send button.

Now, will a comment in MY OWN DAMN BLOG stick this time, AdultFriendFinder?

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