The lush green grass...  

nightstogether 56M
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4/22/2005 7:34 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

The lush green grass...

Lush and green, but no more. Inbetween uploading various pages to the Crime Prevention Council website I found time to wander into my garden and mow the lawn; the first mowing of the year, and a good sackful it created too. The garden is still dotted with various small flowers, poking their coloured heads timidly above the green, but below the threatening lawnmower's knives, and any small birds, who may now have found their way into the bird boxes I hung a few weeks ago, remained well hidden and silent throughout.

A concert I was looking forward to next Friday - featuring the Beethoven Sonatas for piano and violin, Opus 47 and 96 - has had to be cancelled. I don't know which country the violinist was supposed to be travelling here from, but her visa apparently wasn't extended in time, and she is going back home again. Perhaps she'll be a little more 'awake' next time she travels to Europe, and check the dates of concerts against the dates of her visit permit. Hardly the best way to earn a living! But all is not lost; the pianist has promised to come and visit us in this small town later on in the year to make up for the loss; even though the concert should have been in the city of Bremen and not here, but we do have a little bit of pull in the world after all! Perhaps he'll bring another violinist with him, who knows.

Glancing through this entry as I type, I come to the conclusion that it is time to trim my nails once more; rather than constantly have to dive back and correct spelling errors caused by hitting two neighbouring letters on my keyboard at the same time.

The most wonderful thing about the whole day, though, is not so much that I have completed most of the web site, nor that I had a chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine whilst mowing the lawn. The best part of the whole day has been the realisation that, despite my sitting here working since shortly after seven (it is now 16:30 here) the telephone has not rung once. Perfect peace and quiet. I shall take advantage of it and write a letter to my friend in Hungary, and reassure her that it is no problem for me to write to a highly intelligent 18 year old; the problem is in the minds' of others.

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keithcancook 60M
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4/23/2005 7:08 pm

You can make mowing the lawn sound very threatening nights! I am very fond of classical music, but I don't know the titles of very many of them.

Hey! What's your phone number?


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