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5/13/2005 12:33 pm

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Tell me something I don't know.

It's a strange custom here, and something which gets on my nerves whenever it happens to me. I like my car; I have no desire to part with it, particularly not when someone comes up to me and leaves a card on my windshield making me an unspecified offer for a vehicle they cannot have inspected properly.

There are people here who buy cars, secondhand. They tend to be dealers of the lower sort who go from one car park to another and leave a business card on the windshield saying that they're interested in buying the car. usually this business card only has a mobile telephone number with no address, and a colourful line drawing of a luxury car. I get two or three of these a week, no matter where I am, and I see them littering car parks all over. My only wish is that I was the one supplying these cards, because some printing firm or other is making a fortune out of them.

Perhaps I ought to get my own cards printed - aside from my normal business cards, of course - with the appropriate picture and missing address. Then I could seek out these shady dealers and plaster their cars with offers along the lines of 'you're driving last year's model, and call yourself a dealer?' or 'there's more rust on this tin can than is legally allowed, ever thought of using public transport?'

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