Storms and stuff.  

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7/21/2005 1:29 am

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Storms and stuff.

A couple of days of stormy weather here, although not as bad as in some parts of the States or Taiwan. Complaints, of course, that the hot summer weather hasn't held out as long as it should have - as if there is a timetable for such things - follow on from the complaints that it is too hot so close that you wouldn't notice the join if you weren't paying close attention.

A good friend of mine, who goes more for the public attention for his work than I do, appeared in a show in Bremen, where he discussed his work on Jerry Cotton novels, 'Love, Actually' and 'Four Weddings and a Funeral'. He's up to about seven hundred books now, which isn't too bad for about forty years work. Like me he writes under several different names, which makes life easier for him / us, but not for the critics!

We have weird things with crime over here too. In Nienburg, a drug user was caught by a shop detective stealing a digital camera; the druggie attacked the detective with a knife causing life-threatening injuries. The detective remains in hospital, the druggie has been released as there are 'no concrete grounds' to hold him in gaol! Of course, if he'd been six years old and still in kindergarten, he'd probably have been taken away in handcuffs in some parts of the world, or hit with a stun gun ...

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