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8/5/2005 2:52 am

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There's something remarkably relaxing about spending money. I enjoy going out to the shops in my local area, or travelling a little bit further afield when I have special desires, and letting the old multi-coloured bits of paper slide across the cash desk. And I see so many other people who have the same desire to spend; mainly women but, now and then, there's a man in tow who looks on, or pulls his wallet out to give up his hard earned cash.

Today I spent time in the local hardware store, ordering and buying that myriad selection of things I'm going to need for my house in the next few weeks. Wandering around the warehouse and looking at bits of wood here, tools there, one gets so many visions parading through and before the mind's eye of what could be done, what could be improved, what hasn't occured to us yet but does now. I always come out of such stores with more ideas than I went in with, and a wallet decidedly lighter than I had planned. The only drawback - moneywise - with the hardware store is that I don't have to pay immediately; a week or two after I've been there I get the bill through the post, and then I've fourteen days to pay it in. Sometimes the bill comes as a shock - did I really spend that much money in one shot? - sometimes it is just as calming as if I were back in the store browsing.

The only thing I find more relaxing than browsing through a hardware store is entering and exploring a bookshop. For that there is no comparison.

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8/5/2005 10:14 am

it is very relaxing isn't it I spent quite a bit today

I try to only use cash thankfully.....


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