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I have rediscovered my love for the sauna. It isn't just that I shared a couple of hours with a very attractive young woman in the sauna in Springe, but the entire feeling: the sweating from every pore; the cold shower; the relaxing inbetween sessions. Yesterday I did a quick search through the Internet for saunas in my area, which turned up a very thin and sad selection. The nearest sauna is 20 kilometres away, and there are more of them all together!

Yesterday morning I also went out, having noted the details from their websites, to visit them. The first one opened its doors at nine-thirty in the morning, and closed again at eight at night. Strike him from the list.

The second was in a massive hall with tennis courts and squash and so on. On the door there were no signs, no opening hours, nothing. Strike number two from the list.

Number three was in an industrial estate and also had fitness coupled with it but, again, bad opening hours. Move on.

The final one, in the middle of a wooded area - which explains why it's called waldsauna - is just a sauna and solarium. I was there at eight at night to check it out; got shown around straight away, packed my clothes in a locker and piled into the massive sauna room. This is the one for me. The other people there are perhaps a bit older than me - ten to twenty years older, as it happens - but the atmosphere was good and the sauna was good. Showers right next to the sauna door, or a outside swimming pool for that quick refreshing dip. A small bar with real drinks - as in beer, tea and water rather than expensive health drinks. Bought myself a season ticket and the trips there are already marked in my diary for the next few weeks.

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