Running away from home.  

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4/16/2005 11:28 pm

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Running away from home.

I have a new member in my small family, as of the day before yesterday which, despite what AdultFriendFinder claims, was Friday (today being Sunday, and not Saturday!). I found the new member of my family running across a busy street about five kilometres away from here; he was going as fast as his little feet could carry him, but not fast enough. Cars and lorries swerved out of the way - but no one stopped - and a coach was bearing down upon him as I arrived at the scene. I managed to grab him and wrest him from the middle of the road to the relative safety of the pavement and, not knowing who he was or where he came from, packed him in my car and brought him home.

Understandably he's a bit scared. New people, new surroundings and a long way from home. If he could tell me where he came from, from whom he was running away and why, I might be able to sort something out. Until then he contents himself with sitting in a corner of the lounge during the night time hours, and wandering around in the garden during the day.

It's difficult living with someone who cannot communicate with you; I know the feeling, though, from the first days when I arrived here and couldn't speak any of the language. Frtunately I know a little bit of international language which always seems to help me through; the three most important words in the world which everyone should learn in order to eat, drink and sleep. They are Pizza, Beer and Sex. Sadly my new addition doesn't know these words, although I can tell that he needs at least the first two and provide them. Assuming that I am correct in giving him what I do; I've never had to look after a tortoise before.

The work days drag on; although that is a bit unfair since I enjoy what I do and rarely have a boring moment either here in my office, or when I am moving about. It is just gone eight on this slightly wet Sunday morning, and I have had my lie-in and now been working for an hour or so. Between nine and ten I am expecting a telephone call to complete arrangements for thirty visitors coming here in July - hotel rooms, buffet breakfast, transport, barbeque bookings, evening meals and so on. Were it not for that I'd be walking along the river getting my daily dose of fresh air; armed, naturally, with my camera in case anything interesting crosses my field of vision.

The Crime Prevention Council had its formation sitting and, as expected, I was elected to the position of vice chairperson - the only position I had put my name down for - the chairperson is a lawyer and there are other lawyers and a police commissioner in appropriate positions too. The responsibility for our Internet site falls to me too, as no one else volunteered, although, to be honest, not expecting a volunteer, no one was asked! Good articles with photographs in the local press; although they always seem to accentuate the skin underneath my chin; I must work on posing for the camera! And our first event has already taken place, with a mass marking of bicycles - the first of two this month - to protect them against theft, or, at the very least, make them returnable once they've been recovered! Bicycle theft takes up twenty percent of the statistics in this small region. No, I'm not sure what the other eighty percent has within its figures, but murder and bank robberies aren't amongst them! The second bicycle marking day is at the end of the month, just after a talk arranged by us on the problems of the neo-nazi movement in the area of Bremen, which has the potential of effecting us in the future, as it has a neighbouring borough.

Politically I am not active until next Saturday, when I fulfil my function as a Delegate to the next higher political level, and we work on resolutions to be brought before the highest party level later in the year, where I am also a Delegate. My political party? The sozialdemokratischen Partei Deutschlands (SPD), the ones who are in power in Berlin at the moment and, hopefully, will be in power after the next elections too! Sadly we are not in the majority in my home region at the moment; but the elections are next year and I am a candidate for two positions (town and county councillor) and we hope to change that!

This coming week should be a relatively quiet one, with only two of my evening being taken up by anything of importance. Saturday is a full day of work and Sunday is the birthday party of an Irish friend of mine. He's a damn fine cook, and plenty of us find our way to his small house - a former bar - every year to enjoy what he has on offer. A few bottles of wine have already been chosen as my gift to him; making room for the new vintages in my small cellar!

However, time now for toast and blue cheese for breakfast and then, if this phonecall hasn't materialised, letterwriting to friends in Hungary and the Czech Republic. Perhaps I'll be back here later on, if this hopefully quiet day runs as smoothly as I wish it to.

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expatbrit49 62M

4/17/2005 5:24 am

Congrate on you election and I had a tortoise when I was a kid and if I remember right they are veggies
Have a good weekend

Thank You for Your Time and Attention

_CoffeeNoCream_ 52F

4/17/2005 9:06 am

enjoy your coming quiet week, Nachbar

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