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4/10/2005 3:05 am

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No rest, that should read, and not necessarily just for the wicked! I worked through until about three this morning and then rose, slightly later than usual, at seven in order to continue. Creating an association under German law is a long and complicated porocess, and everything has to be absolutely perfect for the constitutional meeting and then the court which approves the application. If the paperwork isn't right for the prospective members to vote on, a new meeting has to be called, or someone has to work damn fast to get the paperwork - charter, constitution and articles of association - correct so that they can be voted upon. Then there is voting of the committee members into their various positions, and the paperwork for that has to be correct too. Once all that is completed the application has to be laid before the court and approved - and every single change to the charter, constitution or articles must be laid before the court for approval too - and then it all goes to the tax office for approval of charity status. Long and complicated processes, which is why we're probably lucky to have two lawyers sitting on the formation committee, a member of the tax office, a police commissioner, a social worker, a member of the Town Hall and, of course, myself!

Last night I completed the first stages of the web site for the council. Today I have been preparing letters of instruction for the future members of the council on how the web site and the e-mail addresses works. Most of them, I already know, have no idea how the Internet works. They've had their e-mail connections set up by someone else in the work environment, or used a Internet Provider format to automatically configure their settings. What are they going to do when a new account has to be created? Everything has to be explained in the smallest detail, right down to the typing in of the correct address!

I'm glad that I wasn't so deeply involved in the setting up of my other association - St Alban zum Aechten Feuer - which came officially and legally to life a couple of weeks ago. Here I am only involved in maintaining their web site and organising the first gathering of similar associations from around Germany. Even that takes up more time than I wish to spare: booking hotel rooms; arranging meals; arranging transport to and from airports and railway stations; arranging outings for the weekend. Again, I'm lucky enough to have other people involved, although at the moment it is only two other people as the third didn't get back from his annual trip to the US until yesterday, and hasn't had a chance to get involved.

And finally, as far as associations and the Internet are concerned, I still have to create a new page and upload pictures for the latest exhibition at the museum here; a collection of clocks and watches from around the world. Roughly forty photographs but, fortunately for me, very little text. We'll see whether I manage to get that out of the way today, or whether tomorrow night will be yet another long one.


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