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7/26/2005 1:30 am

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Last night was Sauna night again - twice a week, just to keep the old sweat pouring - and this time there were more people there. Something of a surprise too: I wasn't the youngest person on the banks; a young woman of about twenty-five had just finished her third go through as I arrived and is the first person I've seen there under sixty!

After my second run through I decided, as no one was watching, to take a dip in the outside swimming pool. Talk about taking your breath away! Straight from the heat of the sauna, a slight cooling off under the cold water tap and then into the pool. Not as bad as I had thought it would be; the idea is often worse than the practice!

Off to Bremen today with forty children on a special outing I'm sponsoring. We're going to the Universum, which is a permanent exhibition on science and evolution (that thing which isn't in the Bible for those people in some parts of the world who don't recognise it! ). I did the same trip with forty children last year during the summer holidays and had so many good reports from both children and their parents that I've organised it again for this year.

Tonight is the board meeting for the SPD to sort out our local campaign for the forthcoming elections. Now that the Bundespräsident has given the go-ahead and dissolved the Bundestag we have to work fast to get our candidates ahead of the opposition. It's going to be a tougher fight than usual this time, but we have a great deal going for us; especially since the main opposition party (the CDU and, in Bavaria, the CSU) are basing their campaign partially on tax increases. I've a few good ideas for the campaign which I plan on testing and then presenting tonight; I'll be setting the exhibition up in our meeting hall before everyone arrives so that they have to go through it and then watching their reactions. No one knows about the experiment yet but, if it works, they'll see that it works and use it this year and next.

I'm not a candidate this year; next year is my big move upwards, and then I'll be giving it my all to ensure that it works well for me as well as for the party.

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keithcancook 60M
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7/26/2005 8:07 am

Your plans seem to be gelling. We will be watching with interest here.

AmberSolaire 42M

7/26/2005 8:08 am

I was always told the only effect of having a sauna was dehydration.Would you agree?

I like the election plan.World domination requires careful consideration.Keep them guessing as to your true intentions.

nightstogether 56M

7/26/2005 8:51 am

There are many other benefits to a sauna, and dehydration only occursd to those who are not careful or sensible. One should drink fluids between sessions in the sauna - the two litre rule for a normal day still applies. The sweating out of fluid during the sauna cleans the pores and helps remove 'bad things' which lurk in them; it is refreshing and, when you also have aromotherapy oils in the dousing water, cleansing.

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