Pumping the anal canal.  

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5/27/2005 10:10 am

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Pumping the anal canal.

My second experience from the Gothic Night took place this afternoon, although I can't say that it was altogether as fruitful as the first experience.

I had a call a while back, then a few pictures sent over the mobile with an invitation to meet and, if I was interested, to explore intimately. I like such invitations and, when I have the time, I can easily find the interest.

So, this afternoon I rang on the doorbell and was greeted by a naked man. He'd been waiting for me and, while he was waiting, he'd been using one of these penis pumps - suction and stuff, meant to make your penis grow but probably doesn't work effectively in any way shape or form.

We settled in the bedroom straight away, and got down to work on one another. The penis pumnp had taken its toll; my partner discovered that he was too sensitive and had distinct problems getting erect and keeping that way. Still, I managed to give him plenty of satisfaction - he assured me afterwards - without that spurt of white cream appearing.

For me it was completely different. I have never come across anyone who uses his teeth so often when giving a blowjob, or sucks as if he's got a blocked drain pipe he's trying to clear. It became painful very quickly, and would have been more painful had I not suggested he stop the torture (no, I didn't actually say that) and let me carry on alone. Some how I think this was almost a relief for him!

He gained pleasure from watching me stroking myself - something I have no problems doing in front of an audience anyway, as I've often said - and would occasionally lean forward and alternately stroke my shaft, or caress my balls. After a while he handed me a tub of lube, which he then smeared liberally across my erect dick before turning round and looking back at me across his shoulder.

One good thing about him, aside from his willingness, he had a beautifully tight but experienced ass. I was able to slide in without any of the struggling a virgin ass brings with it, and find exactly the right position for his pleasure as well as mine. Slowly and surely I worked his anal canal, taking as much time as I wanted, dripping sweat across his back and buttocks, smearing it back and forth with my chest when I changed position and lay direct across him.

'I want to see it' he told me, as he felt me starting to tense up for that end spurt. I've no problem with that either; continued moving with my steady rythmn and then, feeling the first jerks, slipped out and finished the job by hand, sending two streams of cum shooting across his back, the first splattering on his cheek, the second across his buttocks and lower back. The rest oozed out as I worked my hand slowly back and forth along the shaft, declining his offer to suck me dry.

'When have you time again?' he asked me. I shall have to think about that. One thing he will have to promise me, though, is not to play with that damn penis pump in anticipation of my coming. The other thing, of course, is not to take blowjob lessons from a vacuum cleaner.

Do I want a regular fuck / butt buddy? Once I'd taken matters into my own hands, literally, it was a pleasurable business, otherwise I wouldn't be going back. He's young, he needs training, and his anal canal is so sweet and tight ...

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5/28/2005 12:54 am

Well ... be good and train the young lad!

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