Poland - Day Three.  

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Poland - Day Three.

An early rise for breakfast once more; including for those who were still up from the night before!

On this, the third day, we had a planned exhibition for the entire day in the centre of Duzsniki Zdroj to celebrate the partnership between their town and out's. Also there was another German town - Bad Sulza from Saxony - and a Czech town. The French town decided not to appear due to the distance they would have had to travel for the weekend, some two hundred kilometres more than us.

Music and speeches abounded in the massive park running through the centre of town, from the marketplace to the clinic. Zdroj means Bath, and many people come to Duzsniki Zdroj for health reasons, to drink the waters and enjoy the clean air. There are several different types of water, some warm, which flow through a fountain across from the clinic, and people come regularly to fill massive containers with water for their daily use.

We had a small tented area set aside for us, and set up a small bar with the Herforder Felsenquelle beer for all to sample as well as a 'short' drink similar to J├Ągermeister brewed in a town near ours which was once part of our region. As a joke we'd had a special lable produced for the 'short' saying that the drink was especially bottled water from our river! Both the small bottles and the draught beer were popular and were consumed with lust very quickly. Our neighbours from Bad Sulza brought wine from their area, which also went quickly!

The whole day was spent listening to live music, dancing, watching dance troups and chatting with friends and acquaintances whilst ensuring that no one went without a beer or something to eat. For the Polish people the highlight was the performance of a Polish pop star - a man of about fifty who sang songs we would easily recognise along the lines of Elvis and Shakin' Stevens and who was screamed at and applauded by spectators from seven years old through to eighty!

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