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expatbrit49 mentions photography in his Blog recently, which brought a few thoughts to my mind - not difficult, since there are nothing but thoughts in there at the moment.

I'm into photography too, not quite to the extent that expatbrit49 is, with all the equipment and beautiful models, but in my own small way I take photographs for pleasure and gratification. I was worried, before going to Poland, that my digital camera wouldn't have enough space for all the pictures I could be taking there, and went to the trouble of buying a second memory card just in case. Although the trip was excellent - which you perhaps cannot quite see from my rather sparse, frequently banned, commentary here over four days - I only ended up taking fifty pictures. Of course, I can preen myself a touch and say that they are all excellent quality and exactly what I want, which is, to a certain extent true.

The great thing about digital is the ability to look at the pictures at once and decide which are good and worth keeping, which are rubbish and should be consigned to the digital graveyard. I probably shot more than three hundred pictures over the four days, but only fifty have passed the examination, and the second memory card wasn't really needed.

Even in these days of digital excellence, many of the pictures I get to see from other people - running the regional photographic competition - leave me shaking my head in dismay. Not every one has that artistic eye needed to produce a world bestseller in the photographic stakes; but everyone has the technology available to come pretty damn close in the running. The main problem, as far as the competition I run is concerned, is people's inability to read and think. Fine, we all know that from profile reading here on AdultFriendFinder, but what about those people who see a competition entitled 'our town' ( as a rough example ), and send in a picture of a cow chewing the cud which might have come from France or Argentina? It might be a wonderful, well proportioned, arousing image, but if it doesn't fit in with what is required?

The recent theft of credit card information - well, not recent, since it seems that the thefts took place between May 2004 and now - has put a bit of a stop on my photography, though. Printing on my own machine is all well and good, but for the bigger, high quality prints a credit card to order through the Internet is essential. Not that my credit card information has been stolen, but, to be on the safe side, the companies involved have stopped all of them and are in the process of issuing new ones. So, my wonderful fifty pictures from Poland are sitting on the computer awaiting the arrival of a piece of plastic. That would not, of course, have happened were I using an old fashioned film. Modern technology may seem a wonderful thing on the surface, and there is no doubt that it brings many, many advantages; but it creates even more problems than it solves.

Readers of my Blog have the benefit of this waiting period. The pictures I've included with my Poland entries show the hotel we stayed in, part of the stone 'forest' we explored in the Czech Republic and the water fountain in the town of Duzsniki Zdroj where I sampled some pretty tasty water. You and I are the only ones to have seen these pictures so far. I hope that you're appreciative of the privilege!

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nightstogether 56M

7/4/2005 1:48 am

I wonder whether the credit card companies have reacted in the same way in the US as they have here in Europe. The bearing of losses in the US is also completely different to here in Europe, with the customer having a much smaller level of security for their money.

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7/4/2005 7:02 am

night, thanks for the pix and the whole notes

polly, i dont know in the US, but here in Canda, its quite a cheap option, so i guess the same applies down the border

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7/5/2005 4:01 pm

True words there my friend, the digital age has made it quite simple to refine a image idea right in the camera. In the past I may have returned to a subject many times refining the image until I got what I had in my mind. This can now be done in one shoot and any small inperfections corrected on the computer.

A small correction; the beautiful models was actualy one great girl LOL

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