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6/12/2005 6:05 am

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I've noticed that a great many people have practically no patience whatsoever. They're no longer interested in waiting for something to happen in its own good time; they want it now or quicker. I see it sometimes when I'm out and about in our region; people with their snazzy cars overtaking and rushing on ahead - only to be caught up with at the next traffic lights - as if their entire world depended on it. Or, worse still, cars over taking a bus which has stopped to let someone out and which, presupposing the person isn't disabled and no one wants to get in, is going to be on the move again barely ten seconds later.

We saw it in RĂ¼gen only a week ago. A 24 year old man in such a hurry to get home after a night on the town that he overtook other vehicles despite a ban on overtaking on that section of the road, despite a curve in the road running out of his line of sight and, worse still, despite oncoming traffic. He was injured in the ensuing crash; scrapes, bangs and broken bones. The four 18 year olds in the other car all died.

And I see it here too. A total lack of patience. The profile is up and available for all to see, and the complaints start pouring into Blogland that no one has taken the bait and that the women (it is mainly men who complain) aren't lining up along the garden path with their panties already off.

Can you imagine walking into a bar somewhwre downtown and hitting it off with someone within the first few minutes of getting in there? Are you, the people complaining and being so impatient, such a magnet for the opposite - or the same - sex that everyone else in the room is automatically turned into a column of salt when you push the bar door open?

I think some people overestimate their worth, their appeal and the need to get to their destination quickly. Sometimes it is far better to sit back and consider where one is and what hopes you have for the evening, or for your profile, or for your drive out. Sometimes patience and careful planning are the things which will bring you success, and a hasty charge anywhere brings you to the next stop and no further.

Everyone needs one virtue to off-set their many vices; why not make it patience and then enjoy the vices to the full?

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6/12/2005 7:56 am

nightstogether quoted : Sometimes patience and careful planning are the things which will bring you success, and a hasty charge anywhere brings you to the next stop and no further.

Well said my friend, patience (for me anyway)is the key to meeting other people on this site, allot of the ladies like you said are complaing cause the men are so aroused by the pic and barely (if even at all) to skim the profile to see that the lady is interested in the woman yet still getting male mail advice of a blog...? be patient, wait at the red light, read the profile, read the ladies other blogs to see her interests, her hunger and brave, comunicate, let her have an interest in you first...

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6/12/2005 8:30 am

Here! Here! Wonderfully stated! Acutely poignant and definitively perceptive!

Patience, is an art. In order to establish a good command of any medium, one must become completely familiar with all the aspects of which they are attempting to manipulate and use. For those who have no conceptual understanding of the possible "reward" of patience, the results of their efforts will most likely be disappointing and rather fleeting. And quite frankly, these results nicely equal the effort, or more appropriately, the lack of effort.

Time is going nowhere. It is a constant that remains unchanged in our lives. Our fear that "time" is running out only reveals the lack of faith, believe and expectation we hold for ourselves, others and the world. The lack of patience is nothing more than a disregard to continuity of time and our place within it's realm. Our lack of patience is often time based in the fear, we'll miss out on something. Did it ever occur to those feeling such, that maybe, what you think you'll be missing is something or someone you SHOULD be missing?

Patience. Personally, patience has rewarded me with more gifts of opportunity and growth than I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams!

Nicely Said. Thank you for writing your blog entry.


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