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nightstogether 56M
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5/28/2005 2:08 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Keeping count.

Well, the time has come to start ignoring the comment counter on AdultFriendFinder and make my own record.

Once again comments are disappearing from my blog, without reason, without rhyme, without explanation and, while the number of comments makes no overall difference to me, it is annoying not to have the thoughts and remarks of others there for me to glance through whenever I desire.

So, I am going to follow the example of goddessofthedawn and keep a record of comments too and, if I must do, I will copy them onto my mirror site so that I can see exactly what is disappearing.

I must say, though, it smacks to me of a massive lack in professionality that a site which has been in existence for several years cannot bring itself to host a bloggers FAQ, to retain comments and posts, even to allow free posting from adults for adults without censorship. I guess that is slowly becoming the American way; the Constitution can be disregarded.

private-intellectual (.de)

rm_jayR63 59F
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5/28/2005 7:24 am

People, people,people! It's not even a real blog! It's just a bulletin board! Get outside and go for a walk.

nightstogether 56M

5/28/2005 7:38 am

jayR63: what exactly is a real blog? Is it exclusively what you wish it to be, or is it different for each individual?

For me a blog (a weblog, to give it its full name) is a log of events. It has grown from that into a journal for some, a confessor for others, a game of hide and seek for yet more.

You, of course, are more than welcome to consider other people's blogs mere logs, but then must accept what they think of your's and, to be fair, accept that you are probably well outnumbered in your opinion.

Voltaire wrote: I do not agree with your opinion, but I will fight for your right to have that opinion.

private-intellectual (.de)

sadock76 44M

5/30/2005 1:03 am

'Tis unfortunate that comments are dissappearing from your blog. I totally agree with you that this should be censor free, unless it endangers someone in some way. Reading through others' blogs I've noticed a disturbing trend of banishment from blogland for brief periods of time (ie GoTD and Sexyfitwoman) when they are "placed under review." Is is possible this could account for the dissappearing comments? Do they reappear after a 24-48 hour period? Or perhaps AdultFriendFinder does not reinstitute comments made by a reviewed member. Now that would be really[i/] lame!!

rm_affbreak 46M
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6/15/2005 2:56 pm

atm some of my blog entries are censored aka not published since half a week - for reasons i cant see. Search for 'censorship' in the blog search does reveal numerous entries - no idea how many more don't pop up because they are censored.

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