Keep on trying.  

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4/24/2005 1:31 am

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Keep on trying.

My patience does wear thin sometimes. Every couple of days I re-mark keithcancook as being a watched blog on my list and, despite the promises from AdultFriendFinder (a reply from Angel Y comes to mind) the link doesn't appear.

This isn't the only blog where it doesn't work, I hasten to add, there have been two or three others which I have marked to watch which haven't appeared on my list and, waiting the suggested 24 hours, only means that I have lost them completely; I have too many other things in my mind to try and remember exactly who I have marked to watch for a couple of days in order to try and find them again.

My loss. But also AdultFriendFinder's loss, as it brings their system, their customer care, into disrepute.

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