It's wonderful.  

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4/17/2005 2:31 am

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It's wonderful.

It's wonderful when other people also manage to get their acts together, is some ways at least, and meet their promises. I've just had the pleasure of visiting on a Sunday!?) a house that we are renovating, and am pleasantly surprised by the amount of work that has been completed. The rooms were formerly a stall for livestock (this is in the middle of the town, so nothing unusual) and, on the floor above, storage area. Now it looks completely different, almost as if we could begin thinking about moving in and continuing with our work for this new association - St Alban zum Aecten Feuer. The toilets are finished, the kitchen only needs to have the furniture built and installed, the main entrance and hallway, the staircase are completed. The former storage area now has a wooden floor; the open roof - direct to the tiles - has been insulated and sealed, painted and the wooden beams have regained their original colours. The small library area needs flooring still and the radiators haven't yet been built in, but the whoile is proceeding far quicker than we had thought, but not quite as fast as we had hoped!

At present we still have to meet in a local hotel / restaurant, which isn't so bad all in all, as we can eat and drink there, but, by the end of May, we hope to be able to use the newly renovated house instead. And, in July, when we have the first official meeting with guests from all over Germany, everything should be at such a stage that everyone feels at home, and is prepared to prmise us even more money to bring the entire building up to the standards other similar associations have achieved over the last fifty years.

What surprises everyone from outside, is the speed with which we have brought an association into existance. Not just with this assocation, but also with the Crime Prevention Council. It seems, or so we have heard, that it is difficult to find people who are prepared to put their words into actions and, so far, everyone has played down the idea that we would be able to achieve much this year. For the CPC it has come as a surprise to all that we had our first exhibitions and actions planned and running before the CPC officially existed. For St Alban, the higher level associations are stunned that we have so many interested people who are prepared to give up their free time so readily to bring everything to such an advanced stage. Perhaps they are only working from their own experiences, from their own attempts to get things moving; here it has been different; here the people have not only committed to success, but prepared to do everything to prove the naysayers wrong, and that is more than pleasing. But now wee are forced to wait for others outside our two new associations to catch up, and that slows some things down considerably. Isn't that always the way?

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