Gothic Night.  

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5/21/2005 12:35 am

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Gothic Night.

It's not often that I get the time to go out and party; each time I have something planned, a bit of free time or an excursion, something comes up which changes my plans. Last weekend, however, I had switched off the phone, closed down the mailbox, discarded urge to check my e-mail account, and made an extra effort to get out. After the usual preparations, dressed in my finest black, I managed to sneak out of the house and travel, unobserved, into the city to a small club I've discovered, well off the beaten track, which had - quietly - advertised a Gothic Night.

The club room, as with the club itself, was small. It would have been a very tight squeeze indeed to get one hundred and fifty people in there, and then the fire service would undoubtedly have had their say in removing the half of them! Needless to say, the club was full and buzzing.

I made a few quick rounds of the sights, admiring the clothing and differing styles of those gathered there before settling myself towards the middle with a glass of the house red, and resting my elbows on a wobbly table to watch and listen. Two bands were set up for the night; one a local band without a recording contract, the other a coverband with a very large repetoire. Both were good, and both brought the assembled mass into the mood straightaway. In between performances a DJ threw records on the turntable - can a set up with CD players be called a turntable any more? - and fiddled with the lightshow.

The crowd was mainly younger people; mid-twenties to mid-thirties, people you would normally see in their everyday clothes on the street and not give a second thought to. At night they come out in completely different guises; black and scarlet are the main colours here, with outlandish makeup, jewellery and a passion for the darker side of nightlife. Coming from outside the city I knew no one, but had the impression that most of the others knew one another from similar meetings, shared experiences and tastes.

Chatting was out of the question. Anyone who wanted to just talk had to either go outside and converse on the street, or shout. A few people tried, and resorted to sign language or, as in my case, leaning close to their partner and talking directly in their ear. A conversation between three people was, through the noise and action, practically impossible.

To the sounds of Nightwish from the coverband I watched as a group of pretty young things gyrated in the middle of the room. One of them, slightly apart from the rest, raised her glass to be and waved, to which I responded but, in the crush, I soon lost sight of her and the crowd moved here and there. She, though, didn't lose sight of me as I felt her hand touch my arm after a few minutes and looked down at the diminuative beauty.

We chatted; me leaning down so that she could talk in my ear practically forced to stand upon each other's toes the whole time. It was a fairly innocent round of chat, mainly on the Art of Goth and observations on other people there; whether they were well dressed, hot, or simply playing the game without being a part of it - the pseudo-goths. She, she told me, had only recently come onto the scene and was exploring without letting her friends and family know what her interests were. She'd only been in the city for a few months, was studying at the university - I can't remember exactly what, but it had to do with philosophy and society - she'd had problems finding the right sort of crowd until the flyer for this night had fallen into her hands. She came from a small town many miles away where nothing special happened - where the pavement is rolled up for the night, as we say. The city life appealed to her; during the day time working at her studies and exploring the city; at night out and about looking for the right connections, the right people. The club, she told me, was a goldmine for her, exactly the right place for what she enjoyed, what she had been searching for.

I don't know how the conversation turned. Because of the closeness of the crowd we were forced to stand right on each other, hands touching arms, back, sides, constantly in physical contact with one another. But the conversation did change, and she changed in quite drastically. Standing in front of me, she put her hand around my neck with a light caress, bringing me down coser to her, her lips right next to my ear and she said 'I'm not wearing any panties.' Then she held my earlobe with her teeth for a moment of two, moved her head back slightly to look me directly in the eyes, tilted her head to one side, and licked my lips.

I have a thing for tongues, and she must have sensed that at once. My trousers became tighter than normal as she continued to caress my neck and, with the tip of her tongue, explore my mouth. She slipped her other arm around me and pressed herself tightly against my body, moving slightly with the music, the movement of the crowd. I put my hands around her waist and we began to explore one another, intimately. She told me that her apartment was barely ten minutes walk from the club. It took us half an hour to get there, with many stops in shop doorways; further explorations.

By the light of a single, small lamp, she undressed me; telling me not to do anything, just to be patient. This was the way that she wanted it, and I was to do as I was told. She lay me face down on her single bed and straddled me, her hands and tongue exploring my neck, my back. She massaged and bit, licked and kissed, rubbing herself up and down as she did so before telling me to turn over. I had to keep my hands by my sides, she told me, until she told me otherwise. She was still wearing all her clothes, but her dress had ridden up to her midrif. She placed her hands on top of my head, and straddled me; looking down at me between her legs as the first drops of moisture fell across my face, then she slowly lowered herself and allowed me to catch the droplets of juice with the tip of my tongue, befoe she began riding my face. My tongue worked its way across her clean shaven pussy, across her puckered asshole, back and forth; delving deeply and taking every drop it could get, concentrating then on her clit. I had to raise my hands to support her - to stop myself being suffocated! - as the orgasms began.

Then she turned round, her thighs still to either side of my head, my hands and arms enveloping her as I continued to explore her innermost secrets with my mouth and she, silently, began to explore and devour me, stopping at exactly the right moment.

'Lie still' she commanded me, standing up and looking down on me from beside the bed. She undressed slowly, watching me as I watched her, then she straddled me once more. 'Watch.'

She began to masturbate; her fingers slipping into her wet pussy and across the shaven Venus mound, back to her anus and forward once more. She allowed me to lick her fingers clean; smeared my face and chest with her juices. I felt her hand as she reached back behind her, then watched - lost to the world - as she lowered herself onto my erection and began, in slow, pulsing movements, to ride my cock. I stroked her back and her bottom; forced myself deep inside her; caressed her pert nipples and small breasts. We kissed and caressed and she rode on then, smiling down at me, she lifted herself up, took hold of my erection, and slowly sank her anus down across my shaft, the look on her face changing, her eyes opening wide, her breath coming in short gasps as she continued to orgasm.

We slept tightly bound together in her small bed.

In the early afternoon, when I trusted myself to stir, she was still sleeping. I moved carefully away from her clasp and set my face between her legs, exploring with my tongue the scents and juices of our lovemaking. As I explored she began to stir once more; sighing and, waking, she suddenly gripped my head, pushing me hard into her pussy and squirting her juices into my mouth, across my face, as she orgasmed.

Next month is another Gothic Night in the city. I've already marked it in my diary; nothing is going to keep me away.

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5/21/2005 8:51 am

Sounds like one hell of a night/morning...

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5/21/2005 9:04 am

WOW ,nice to see you had a great time,

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