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5/25/2005 3:30 am

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Getting out.

Finally managed to arrange my timetable so that I have a few days to myself - no appointments, no exhibitions, no stress or rush. Theoretically this is the first free time I've had this year - although I have managed a few hours here and there when everyone else has been sleeping! And, now that I've got my second computer back from repair - it wasn't a fuse, one of the network cards decided that it didn't like life any more - I can do a little bit of my social work and write letters again; to those with problems reading my handwriting!

But it isn't all going to be fun and games; well, yes it is but ...

A few days ago I received a message with an offer I find quite hard to refuse. It came from someone else who was at the Goth Night and who had admired me, but not trusted himself enough to make an approach. He sent me a simple query as to whether I'd be interested in meeting up with him, with a photograph designed to arouse more than just my interests! So, it looks like I shall be out and about on Friday, and getting to know someone else in an intimate fashion.

For those that I've promised posts, on The Darkroom and the Tattoo; they're on the way ...

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