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8/9/2005 12:37 am

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First time ...

For the first time since I was a very small child, I dreamt that I could fly again.

Have you ever had these dreams? You can fly, but you're completely nude and you seem to hover a few inches above the ground and move very slowly. That's what I had as a child. Of course, I am no longer embarrassed by my nudity - something which had been inbred by my parents and by society during my formative years. Now I can quite happily wander around - within legal parameters - in the buff and without a second thought.

And perhaps that's why the flying dream has come back in a new form. I am fitter than I ever was, with my regular visits to the gym and sauna, and I have no worries about nudity. Now, in the dream last night, I can fly properly and wherever I wish, with speed and finese, and I am fully clothed.

I cannot remember much else about the dream, other than I appear to have been trying to prevent a crime and there were several women involved and a sexual aspect somewhere along the line. Sometimes I can remember my dream completely from start to finish, but mostly they vanish when I awake, and remain gone when I try to sleep on and recapture them.

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