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4/28/2005 3:46 am

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Figure it out.

Today I started work on renovating the living room which, in the future, will also be used for business meetings. The room is sixteen metres by five metres and three metres high. Windows (four) and the door do not count in the reckoning which, with a small safety margin calculated in, comes to eighty square metres of wall space. This space needs to be re-insulated and then will have a wooden frontage built across it with a shelf two metres above the floor, wall lights and hanging frames, for pictures, in each section. The radiators (two) will be enclosed with shelves above them and the windows need re-newing in their entirety. After that comes the ceiling, which measures eight metres by five metres, and that should be with wood as well. All the electric cabling must be re-newed and added to for the extra lights on the walls.

Building the entire thing myself will undoubtedly save me a fair amount of money, and I already have the plans drawn up for what needs to be done and exactly how it should be carried out through to what it should look like when finished.

Without the cost of the ceiling, the electric cables, shelving and lights my initial costs for material will be just under three thousand Euro which, to my way of thinking, is a reasonable price to renovate one room.

Now double that, because my bedroom, on the first floor, is exactly as big and add fifty percent of the original to that for the guest room and we come to seven thousand five hundred Euro for living room, bedroom and guest bedroom.

I can live with that, although I'll probably have to smoke one or two fewer cigars next month and, perhaps, enjoy one bottle less red wine, but some sacrifices need to be made!

Now, when will I have time to actually do it all?

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