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5/15/2005 12:40 am

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After my last post (One voice) I have been further considering the benefits of my other blog site over those offered by AdultFriendFinder. Sad to say, AdultFriendFinder comes out a vewry poor loser in absolutely every respect.

It's not just the inability to post more than one comment on a blog; nor is it just the vetting of private blogs; nor is it just the vetting of private comments; nor is it just the vetting of Advice Questions; nor is it just the vetting of advice question answers; nor is it just the ranking system for blogs; nor is it just the time it takes for a blog entry to be allowed; nor is it just the lack of a FAQ for bloggers; nor is it just the lack of tag commands one may use in a blog entry; nor is it just the refusal of AdultFriendFinder to allow mention of other web sites.

It is a combination of all the above; all of which are allowed and encouraged on the other blog site.

The other blog site also has RSS to news sources; a complete Friends / contacts system which allows you to read their entries on one convenient page; it has no ranking system designed to draw readers to a few blogs and miss the rest; it has a specific and exceptionally good search system; it has mail forwarding; it has notification of mail and comments; it has a newsletter for changes to the system (open source) which members may comment on; it has a proper and complete FAQ; it has communities which may be run as a normal blog and allow interaction.

The other blog site costs me considerably less than AdultFriendFinder, and there are no restrictions on whether paying members can be contacted by non-paying members or not.

There are also no restrictions on blog content. That means, if I wish to write an adult blog there I may do so, and not worry about some faceless censor who has had a bad day or is suffering from the Monday Morning Blues tell me that I cannot write my thoughts and feelings down.

There is one other very important thing there which has a great deal to do with honesty and good business sense; when I write something on the other site it remains my intellectual property. There is no clause in the FAQs which states that anything I write automatically becomes the property of this faceless conglomerate of sites without remuneration or credit and that, for a professional writer, is of paramount importance.

For me the other blog site has regained its importance and will continue to be used in preference to AdultFriendFinder. Everything written here will be mirrored there so that the suppression and refusal of certain innocent entries here will be negated. That a professional Internet company claiming over eighteen million members (don't try to tell me they are all active, they aren't), not being able to handle a few hundred blogs should be highly embarrassing to say nothing of the backhanded and anti-Constitutional elements.

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