Automatic Renewal?  

nightstogether 56M
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5/16/2005 10:23 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Automatic Renewal?

I think not.

I just turned it off and I am now seriously considering dumping AdultFriendFinder as a total waste of time completely. It really isn't worth it any more.

Let's wait and see what AdultFriendFinder says in reply to my mail - although, to be honest, I expect nothing. No satisfactory reply, no more money. Simple.

private-intellectual (.de)

keithcancook 60M
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5/16/2005 1:32 pm

I agree, their PR is lacking (does it even exist) and without solid information it is difficult to part with more membership dues.

However, as you have seen since you posted this the AUTHORITIES are aware of some of our problems and actions are being taken.

For my part they have rescued an account for the time being.

man4nooners1 46M
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5/16/2005 10:57 pm

I personally evaluate my financial investment in this site in terms of entertainment value. When I no longer enjoy the features a premium membership offers, I will no longer pay to be here. That time has not yet come for me. If I evaluated the site in terms of whether it was a reliable tool for real life encounters, or judged it on how well-run it is, I'd probably be long gone by now.

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