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6/10/2005 1:13 am

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Art Attack!

The Venice Biennale opens its doors on 12 June 2005 amid complaints that the two organisers - Rosa Martinez and MarĂ­a de Corral - are giving women artists an unfair edge.

The figures tell a completely different story, although Rosa Martinez did say that she wished half of the featured artists to be female. In fact only a third of the ninety-two artists are female, as more couldn't be found with the wished for direction the exhibition hopes to project.

A truely international exhibition with a few tricks and surprises too. One of the larger exhibits, seen in my picture, is bound to attract a little bit of attention, perhaps for all the wrong reasons. A classical style chandelier which, from a distance, glows as a normal chandelier in a stately home would, it is constructed entirely out of tampons.

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6/10/2005 12:47 pm

I guess you would call it a period piece.....

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