When family is around  

nightstalker172 36M
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12/11/2005 7:51 am

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When family is around

Ok my mom dragged me x-mas shopping with her a few days ago. She took me, my sister, and my 15 year old Niece. We went to the Supermall. Which is kinda far from where we live since there are two malls that are closer. But anyway I went for a Rasberry Julius. I know Im on a diet but I never pass up one of those because I dont get them that often..Im not really a mall goer. So my mom and my sister went around shopping while me and my neice went to the food court. Her and I goof around all the time. Shes a good kid. So anyway her and I decided to go looking around. Well we decided to go into a store called Spencers. For people who dont know it. Its a gag store...kind of a adult gag store/rock and roll store. Anyway here is my hang up. There was this REALLY hot looking goth who was working there. OMG she was cute. Unfortunately I have the hardest time flirting when my family is around especailly a 15 year old kid. I SO badly wanted to get a number but couldnt do it because of my family lookyloo. Has anyone else had that problem? Or am I just crazy?

digdug41 49M

12/11/2005 8:28 am

I can I.D. with the feeling about feeling weird but I dont necessarily try to talk to any of the girls I see I just Like to look and my eight year old daughter told me one day "ooooooh I'm telling mommy." and I said what are you talking about, and her reply was "you have a girlfriend and its mommy you have a wife and that is mommy too." kids go figure lol but hey man if you feel strange when families around then just try slipping the girl your number and say I'd love to get to know you but the ball is in your court now, I know it takes a level of confidence to do this but if you cant do it with family around then you gotta be quick so they dont catch on if she calls she calls if not move on to the next one thats all

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curious082385 31F
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12/13/2005 12:28 am

mmmm....raspberry julius....hmmm...what?
Sorry, got distracted...lol. I haven't had one of those in years. Might just have to head over to the food court tomorrow.

I think that I would be a bit nervous about flirting when I had my family around, with the exception of my sister. Course, now you know that she is there and you know where to find her next time you're over there without family around.

PrincessKarma 43F
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12/13/2005 4:47 am

What's a raspberry julius? (mmmmm... raspberries.)

As curious says, you know where to find her

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nightstalker172 36M
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12/13/2005 7:29 am

digdug - Well Im not embarrased by teasing its just I dont want to get into a religous argument with my mother AGAIN..no matter what I say it never gets through to her.

Curious - mmmm they are good arent they but Ive only found them in malls they never have them anywere else....and yea Imight go over there I dont know yet.

PK - Its a raspberry smoothy bascailly its called a Rasberry Julius because thats what the place named it...the place that makes them is called Orange Julius but they have many other flavors.

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