Weakest Links Update!  

nightstalker172 36M
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11/7/2005 6:27 am

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3/10/2006 8:22 am

Weakest Links Update!

The new additions are as follows

This asshole has been harrassing people in the advice line leaving racist remarks and being rude and cruel.

youknowyouwanttoo youknowyouwantoo
Same as above just another dick head who cant keep his trap shut and decides to belittle people.

1. Jim4u41
2. jeffn
3. clitlicker
4. karnalknowledge
5. califgoldenrod
6. landpilot
7. tazzer
8. limasex
9. maddy
10. ssbf95138
11. euro
12. makeugiggle
13. nreffi
14. alphaguy
15. caguy1965
16. sensualsurfer4u
17. sandizzle
18. norm
19. funsacguyy
20. looknofurther
21. sacto8
22. neo
23. misterfarts
24. meetunow2005
25. To_Cautious
26. california_wild
27. Rockintheburgh
28. Fook
29. Hunkymilfplzer
30. knight522
31. Idrawhate
32. virgin_guy_1970
33. Renob9642
34. kd19632

Theses are the weakest links. If you come accross them beware and converse with them at your own risk.

Hey if you are on this list and want to be taken off you can simply apologize to the person you hurt or offended and I will gladly take your name down, until then, Kiss my hairy white ass motherfucker.

Heres a quote from a song that I think applys to these losers.

"Everybody wants to be so hard
Are you real or a second rate sports card?
They all lost their dad or their wife just died
They never got to go outside - SHUT UP
Nobody gives a fuck
it doesn't change the fact that you suck
" I am Hated by Slipknot

For some reason the photo is not posting I dont know why

themisskrissy 56F
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11/8/2005 11:23 pm

youknowyouwanttoo is another of the rude, crass, insulting, and chauvinistic breed...he is in the same category as OXX, and idrawhate.. nothing special, another run of the mill pig.... he shows up to spew sewage around and not ever add anything constuctive..

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bardicman 50M

11/9/2005 4:07 am

OXXMIXX has been a piece of garbage since day one.

I think there is one called misskrissy that is a pain too

I am not dead yet

themisskrissy 56F
2302 posts
11/9/2005 7:22 am

up yours bard!!! lol
nightstalker- there is a post from sexedcrave, Follow up for animal lovers...... you will see why youlnowyouwant is an asshole of the loweest order...if you haven't already......

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TechSteve 49M

11/12/2005 7:54 am

I have been mentally sparring with YOUKNOW for a while now in the rants and raves section of the magazine.

I suspect he is the same profile as NICETRYBOOTINGME.

I caught them backing each other up in the advice lines and in the rants section. That was a red flag to me.

Their writing styles are identical. Their attitudes are identical. They are both arrogant. They both have dic pics that looked like they have been photoshopped.

The only difference I found was the age.

I suspect he is pissed that his style gets him no where on this site, so he decides to have a little fun here to get his moneys worth.

Jusdewit8 53F

11/12/2005 7:52 pm

Hi Nightstalker-I was fortunate enough to find out about your blog today...TechSteve left word for me in the advice line. I've been swiping obnoxious posts with 'ol YOUKNOWYOUWANTTO for several days now. I thought I was all alone in this, however am not surprised one bit to learn otherwise.

I had no clue this great idea was actually in existence! I salute you for the service you are providing here, and look forward to adding all the obnoxious stuff that comes my way pretty often! MAN I wish I'd known before cuz OMG I've had such doozies! But more will replace them, I'm pretty sure.

Do you have certain rules or requirements I need to learn? Like, with 'ol YOUKNOW, I believe I actually was the first to call names, but it was in response to his rude post where he belittled us for information we shared about anabolic steroids. It went from NIM-ROD to BITCH and it's all been progressively uglier since.

But now that I think about it, he's already been reported, so not to worry. I'll make sure to keep my side of things spiffy clean for next time.

So-obnoxious, rude, hateful are all a free pass to your list? What about liars and tricksters? Cuz I've always wanted to reveal the guy that showed up and wasn't even the same RACE he claimed, not to mention an entirely different weight range than the red-hot pic he still has up to this day. I'd also like to let others know about another guy that looks so damn HOT in his pic....from 20 years ago! He too has done nothing to change his misleading photo or reveal that he's a FAR CRY from the hot stud he was so long ago. And pic pirates! I happen to know one that not only went psycho and suddenly turned obnoxious on me while chatting, but soon after was reported in a network bulletin to be sporting a less-than original cock shot as his main pic. Please let me know if any of these characters are worthy of reporting!!!

And finally, let me ask you if you have any interest in being more widely known...like to the tune of over 26,000 people. That's what I currently have in my network of friends, and I would be more than happy to spread word of the work of you and your friends. I have seen several network bulletins where members expressed a desire to make the scum-bags, low-lifes and assholes known to the other members, but they didn't have a way to dewit. Please think about it, and let me know if I can announce that there damn sure is a way now! Thanks again…look forward to your reply! Jusdewit8 PS-will report back soon w/my first installment!

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nightstalker172 36M
1258 posts
11/13/2005 12:06 am

techsteve - hmmm well there is no way to be 100% but if that other guy is a dick no reason he doesnt deserve a mention

Justdewit8 - hmm being more widely known. Well as far as being popular that hardly matters to me. I dont need other people to like me to justify my existance, however the chance that more assholes might be exsposed sounds like a good reason to me and hey if I meet some more friends thats cool too. As far as rules to make it on my list. I prefer that there is some proof of their behavior but sometimes thats hard to do. So mostly rude and hateful people and liars. People who post fake pics would be considered liars and thus qualify. People who ahve been rude on first meeting qualify. People who lie about what they look like qualify. People who have an old photo well thats not an entire lie but still they qualify. I also prefer that names be left int he weakest link posts only and no others OR by email. but anyways sure Ill be part of your network if it helps get scum labled properly I look forward to you first installment

Note: However that if the person mentioned happens to be a friend of mine I will talk to them first before posting their name. If there is evidence of said rudness leave the name of the post so I can view it...sometimes its just alitte difference of opinion and thats not really cause to list someone even if they do get alittle testy. Alot of people do that who are actaully ok people..

themisskrissy 56F
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11/15/2005 3:05 pm

youknowyouwantto is likely also yesyouwantsome..guess that makes him the weakest linkS...

poopholelubes? in rants and raves... did you catch his attacks on our lovespell? he is emailing and shitting on the folks that don't buy his bullshit....what a loser......

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