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9/16/2005 3:46 pm

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Things about me

I saw this in another blog (goddessofbitches I think it was) and decided to do one of my own....mainly cause Im 25 things about me...

1. Im fat. If you cant tell by my pic Im overweight. Im on quest to lose that weight and is my number 1 thing on my to do list.

2. I used to be a power lifter in Highschool. I could bench 365 at the time. Until I hurt my shoulder falling off a ladder. Its been six years since Ive lifted any weights and just started in march of this year.

3. I can be mature at times but Im a kid at heart. So sometimes Im a goof ball.

4. I love video games. I play Warcraft 3 online most of the time. Look me up if you want K-A-I-N. My favorite games series though is Resident Evil. I havent gottent o play the newer ones yet too busy but Im getting there.

5. I have a collection of swords and knives. Most of them are useable. Meaning they are combat usable. I have a couple that are just show. None of them however are anceint or old none of them have see a battlefield or anything. I just like swords lol

6. I enjoy painball gunning and yes it does hurt to get shot lol. but not that much.

7. Im a cat person. I have a pure white cat mixed breed and if you play with her be ready to lose some blood lol I taught her well. Dont get me wrong I like dogs too but always had a soft spot for cats.

8. I also owned a snake at one time. I had her for 8 years until she died of old age. It was just alittle corn snake she only got to about 4ft long. Will never own one again.

9. I like movies. I go to them whenever there is something that catches my eye. Last movie I saw in theaters was Land of the Dead. I havent gone to theaters lately simply because there is nothing I want to see that cant wait till video.

10. My all time favorite movie is still Galdiator with Russle Crowe. Ive seen it WAY to many times lol

11. Im also kind of a Star Wars nerd too. I like Star Trek but if given the choice between the two. Hand me a lightsaber.

12. I Lost my virginity at 13 to a lovely 13 year old girl whom I loved with all my heart up until she completely broke it. Never understood why either. She just moved away and never said a word to me about it. But thats another story.

13. I have never been in love with someone like I was with the girl above. Ive have that bitter and hurt syndrome that everyone talks about.

14. I havent had that many partners for sex but I have had my share of sex with each partner. cause Im a horny toad

15. I had my first fist fight when I was in 3rd grade. Broke the kids nose.

16. I was a hot head in my youth. Would fight pretty much anyone who looked at me funny. I still am a hot head at times but I havent been in a fist fight for about 2 Im good .

17. Its a funny contrast but Ive been told that Im a pretty gental person at heart just dont make me mad.

18. When I was 16 I pulled a gun on my sisters ex boyfriend. I was ready to kill him. he was trying to break down the door but saw me threw the window and decided to leave.

19. I broke a kids arm in 8th grade in self defense. Luckfully the hospital was right across the street. To this day. I dont know why he attacked me. oh and it wasnt on purpose.

20. I played 1 season of football in highschool. Was the best linemen on the team. Couldnt play anymore due to family issues that happend the next year. Dont really like to get into that.

21. I used to play baseball too but I had to quite for some reason above. I was a catcher

22. When I was 15 my cousin and I tried to pick up on 2 twin blonde women who were 23...they were TWINS...Identical TWINS...down to the bra size lol...they looked like a couple of barbies and back in those days I was still trying new things. Didnt get with them though...we were cute but too young.

23. Im a computer geek too...I like to fiddle with them all the a matter a fact as I type the case is off of mine lol...

24. One time in 10th grade a girl twisted her ankle really bad on the track....I got the honor of carrying her to the nurses office...mmm she was cute...didnt get to date her though she had this sexy russain accent too.

25. I dont know what to put here....people think Im scary or even a serial killer lol...good All those that will judge me by my looks dont deserve to know me and I dont want to know them. but thats ME!!!!

So there you have it...just some little facts about me roll your eyes or make a comment. Make fun of me or praise me I dont care..I was just bored anyways.

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

9/16/2005 4:31 pm

I was a hot head too....I was always getting into trouble...

Thanks for putting this on your blog.


Always The Bitch

spinmedown 49M
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9/20/2005 3:17 pm

Why'd you stop at only 25? Let me suggest #26.

26. I am one of the coolest and most genuine people on this site.

Yeah, kinda strange coming from another guy; but if you're gonna let me in here, you should expect me to mess around a bit.

Never would have thought you to be a cat person. I was a dog person until all these stray cats kept showing up to change my mind. Now I have a tabby who decided to follow me home one day and sneak in the door so he could make himself at home. I wouldn't give him up for the world.

Well, my work here is done. I hope you've found some excitement.

Most people are other people... FUCKING CHARACTER LIMIT!!! ~Oscar Wilde

nightstalker172 36M
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9/22/2005 4:16 pm

hey goddess glad to know a fellow trouble maker lol

and dont pick a cat they pick you...its weird I know..and I would put that on there for # 26 but Im not arrogant enough lol...and mess away I dont care..along as its funny

SensuousWoman3 55F
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10/3/2005 2:09 am

Yep. I agree. #26 would be fitting. Yet, you are entirely too humble--which is one more of your appealing attributes. And I agree with you--we always had dogs and I was actually afraid of cats--until I met 2 or 3 that were like, "Hey, YOU ARE going to LIKE me! You'll see! You'll see!" And they made me love 'em! I couldn't believe it! And you're right--they chose me--why, I don't know, but they did. SW#

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