The Gentle Rage  

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6/24/2005 3:33 pm

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The Gentle Rage

Destiny! Is there one great test in store for us all? Has mine already come? and have I failed it? A deed once done cannot be undone. But perhaps it may yet be vindicated.

There was girl I once knew. Very fare skin and dark silky hair. Beautiful brown puppy dog eyes and when they looked up at you. You would just melt. Seeing her sad would almost be enough to kill a man. To know a creature so kind and gentle to be hurting just brakes ones heart. As any man would like to have this creature all to himself. To have just one sweet embrace would be like floating on a cloud to heaven. So soft is her touch. So gentle and understanding is her voice. Such kindness in her eyes. It makes you feel happy to even be near such a wonderful creature. You pine for this creature's attention only to be ignored. To be cast aside like some worthless dog. To have her rip out your heart and devour it right in front of you. Deceived all this time. Such a fare creature simply nothing more than a predator feasting on ones heart as if nothing but a sweet snack. It leaves you broken and bleeding but not dead. Only dead inside. Your admiration turns to anger and hatred towards such a foul creature. You want back what it took from you. Your self-respect, your pride, your heart. Cursed demon, You don't deserve anything from me. Not my admiration, nor my kindness, You only get treated the same as the rest of your kind. You expect me to be kind to you anymore? After what you did. Why so you can do it again. I think not. My rage will burn eternal for anyone and everyone like you. I despise your kind.

Still sometimes even though I show only hostility to you. I look at you and wonder why. Why did I feel so good around you? Why did I fall so hard for you? Why is it that only you have made me feel this way? You still try to be kind to me. Yet I wont allow it. I wont be pitied by the likes of you. I will not be USED by the likes of you to bolster your own self worth. When you are gone somehow I miss you and it hurts. When I see you again I get filled with nothing but anger at the things you've done. The way you make me feel. The way you dismiss me like I'm not even there. Yet when you need me you expect me to jump at your feet and call you master. IM NOT A DOG, BUT IM THE ONE YOU DOG! Why do you do this to me. Do you get some sort of sadistic pleasure out of it. Dangling the carrot in front of me to get me to obey. Are you so sure I wont bite the hand instead?

I haven't seen you in a long time. Would I want to see you ever again. I don't know. Would I be able to forgive you for what you did? I don't know. Would you forgive me? Perhaps the fates will only taunt me once again. They love to torment me. I guess we shall see. One of these days.

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