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Ok my first peace of eroticism Ive never really written anything like this but I figure its hightime I did...of course this will all be fiction, however based on a Health Teacher I had a thing for in highschool. anyway enjoy

Teacher's Pet

Sigh, finaly health class. My favorite class of the day. Why you may ask? Ill tell you. Ms. Beckhem The sexiest teacher I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. Though I cant say Ive learned much except new ways to hide my rageing erection in the middle of class. The way she dresses I think is on purpose. To give all of us still going through pubirty to suffer. She has the most beautiful tanned skin a soft light mocha color. Short blonde hair that goes to her sexy toned shoulders. And good lord those perky breast of hers that gently move up and down as she paces the room lectureing. Sigh, but shes 32 and Im 18. Im way to young for her. Wonder what shes wearing today. Knowing her it will be those sexy shorts and a tight t-shirt that you can almost see through.

So I walked into class typically the first one there and to my shock and surprise she was wearing something different a dress. I felt my heart start to pump faster and my pants became tighter around the crotch and for good reason. The dress she had on was black is daisys and roses on it. It went down to just about her knees and a V neck exsposeing her cleavage. The dress looked almost made of silk and you could see the outline of her nipples. I quickly brought my book to the center of me to hide my forming erection.

"Hi, Ms.Beckhem you look lovey today."
Why thank you Jason
, she said. I went to my seat. I could not stop staring at her beautiful body and the way the dress would cling to her as she walked. She give us an assignment to do while she would be calling up names to discuss our test scores. All I could do is sit and stare at her. Watching her soft lips move and reveling every time to licked those lusicous lips to moisten them. I forgot all about my assignment and just drift off into what would be like to feel that tongue kissing and caressing me.

Jason could you come up here please? I didnt even hear her the first time.Jason she repeated. JASON! she yelled. huh? oh sorry I didnt hear youI said. Oh no I look like Im about to burst out of my pants. I was starting to sweat. Trying to cover my excitement I slowly walked over to her. Standing there with my hand in front of me trying to cover myself. She started talking about my test score but all I can do was look down her dress. So beautiful so soft. I just wanted to wrap my lips around those succulent nipples of hers that I could see plain as day from my angle. She turns to me and looks up. You can sit down you know.she said. So I took a seat. scoot alittle closer to me for a second So I did. you know Ive been watching you stareing at me all during class. and You're not hiding anything everyone can see your erection. and I saw you just now takeing a peek down my dress. All I could do was blush. I couldnt say a word I was so embarassed. Im sorry Ms.Beckhem, I cant help it.I said. *She giggles*Oh sweety its ok Im not angry Im flattered actually she said, as she put her hand on my knee. It was only about 5-6 seconds but it was enough to just make things worse for me. What a tease she is. The bell rings and school is out time to go home.I want you to stay after class so I can talk to you about your test Im not very happy with the score.She said. I saidYes Ms.Beckhem. Wait here I have to go to the office for a minute Ill be back she said, with aalittle gleam in her eye and a wicked smile.

It seemed like an enternity to wait. My mind raced with thoughts if my dream and fantasies coming true. Was she just amused by the fact that she turned me on so much. Or did she have plans for me apone her return.

Part two coming soon

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12/4/2005 4:47 am

Personally I like it and I am aghast at the teachers going to prison for making a young mans dream come true..
I wish there would have been hot teachers when I was in school...

I am not dead yet

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12/4/2005 5:25 pm

Great stuff!

I totally agree with Bard about all that.

Most people are other people... FUCKING CHARACTER LIMIT!!! ~Oscar Wilde

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